(Video) We Tried the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit! #Review

butterly garden kit
butterfly metamorphosis
Check out our full video below!

We got to try out the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden a while back, and got to capture the whole process from beginning to end.  The experience is a must for any young children, but just as enjoyable and educational for all ages.  The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden kit sends you live butterflies, and you follow the very simple directions, allowing it to metamorphoses into a butterfly right in your home!
caterpillar changes
If you keep a close eye on it, you will be able to witness every step of the transformation.  The tiny caterpillars arrive in your mailbox with ready to eat food already in their containers.  All you have to do is put them in a safe place that's in the right temperature.  
insect lore instructions

insect lore transformation
Within a day, you will see the caterpillars grow, doubling in size by every passing day.  You will witness them shed their exoskeletons many times before they form into a "J" shape and form a cocoon around themselves, entering the last step of their full metamorphoses.   It is all so magical and a true site of nature.  The kids and I were excited to see the change daily, and truly enjoyed the experience.  Watch the whole video to see how we transferred them into they new habitat!  

butterfly full metamorphoses
The last step is releasing your butterflies after having enjoyed watching them emerge from their cocoons, spreading their wings for the first time, and witnessing them eat for the first time.  Releasing the butterflies is a memorable moment any child will cherish, it is a unique experience.  The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit can be used as a learning resource for all ages, and we recommend it.  It makes for a unique gift, and one that is not only used as a learning resource but a memory cherished forever.