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uncle bubble sword
Do your children like bubbles?  Of course, they do, I'm sure you probably do!  Bubbles bring out the child in us all, and it is just plain fun.  Uncle Bubble's bubble products take fun with bubbles to another level.  They take playing with bubbles to a professional level.  You and your children will be able to create bubbles only seen in bubble shows.  I was highly impressed when I saw Uncle Bubbles at BBNYC a few months back, and got the opportunity test out some product with my kids.  We just cannot get enough!  Just a warning..bubbles will never be the same again after you experience the fun with Uncle Bubbles!

uncle bubbles review
Ultra Bouncing Bubbles

Best bubbles for kids
Bubbles you can bounce!  Wear the gloves, blow bubbles and let the fun begin!
best bubble solution
Even the "regular" bubbles you can stack and grab.
As with any bubbles, these are best played with outside, but I must admit we have been nonstop with them lately indoors - just too much fun.  The bubbles are like no other we've ever played with, the bubble formula allows for the bubbles to remain as bubbles in the air longer and even land on any surface.
uncle bubbles review
The sword shaped bubble wand opens up with a button you press as you pull it out and swing it.  
Effortless bubble show!!
They will leave a mess indoors, as any bubbles would but differently.  The bubbles will land all over surfaces, including all over you and remain until popped.  Once popped they leave a white dry glue type of residue everywhere they landed.  I have designated an area easy to clean and let my children play with it indoors, find it to be less of a mess than the regular traditional bubble solutions which usually wet the floor and make a bigger mess.
uncle bubble ultra concentrate
Another note about them, a little goes a long way when it comes to the bubble solution as one dip, can give you many bubbles, much more than the traditional bubbles solutions we are used to.
bubbles that stack uncle bubble
This is guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone at your next get together of any sort, and so much fun for everyday.
tiny bubbles toy
Blow tiny bubbles!
uncle bubble watch
Be ready to have fun anywhere you go with the bubble "watch"
It's bubbles that stay afloat in the air longer, easier to blow, land on surfaces, and they're stackable.  It seems to be all in the solution.  It is just a must have, must try and all of the above.  I don't think we will ever go back to regular bubbles ever again, the Uncle Bubble products just blow the others out of the running when it comes to fun with bubbles!