Soothing Sands by Play Visions Inc. Review

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Soothing Sands by Play Visions Inc.  Inner Reflections is the desktop Zen Garden for any home or work environment, that can easily be enjoyed by parents at home or the office worker at a desk.  The soft sand at your fingertips will help you take a break from the tensions of everyday stress at your desk.  It can be great for parents to take a break and play with.  It comes complete with sculpting tools and display pieces to help clear the mind of chaos, no matter where you are, as long as you have the Soothing Sands at your fingertips.  

soothing sands review
Would make great for a unique gift idea for the busy adult that has everything! 
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It includes 1lb soothing sand, rock with inscription, wood sculpting tool that doubles as a massaging tool, essential oils, and bamboo tray!  Also available in a lightly lemon scented version, named "Aroma Essence".  It is recommended for ages 14+ and retails around $35.  If you've ever tried other sculpting sand sets for children, this is much like it, but geared for adults.  It's going back to basics to find relaxation, much like how many adults are enjoying coloring pages now.  I simply have one hand in Soothing Sands while I read or even take a break to gather thoughts with it, and find it surprisingly comforting.  It would make for a unique yet useful gift for an adult.  It could also work for students who are hard at study to have at their desks as well.