Look & Swim Like a Fish or Mermaid with Fin Fun Tails

Fish tails for swimming
To swim like a fish, and to swim like a mermaid..it's an actual dream that I think we all have as children.  Luckily our dreams can become a reality with Fin Fun Mermaid Tails.  They actually bring us closer to that dream, as close as we can all get to it!  These colorful slip on tails along with the patented slip on Fin Fun Monofin will allow you to not only look like a mermaid or colorful fish but swim like one too.  The one we received is one of two limited edition fish tail designs.  The two fish-inspired mermaid tails have the look of a real Blue Tang  fish (a vibrant deep royal blue with yellow fins) and other one is a Clown fish with its bright orange, white and black pattern. 

mermaid tails to swim
Fin Fun Mermaid Tails are the original swimmable mermaid tails that combine dress up fun with actual swim-ability!  The unique fabric hugs the body, while giving comfort and ability to move still. It is resistant to the effects of the sun and pool materials.  The site shop features so many different styles to choose from.  The designs are made to look like real scales on land, and magical shimmery mermaid scales in the water.

The open tail bottom doesn't trap air and gives the ability to walk and allow for easy on and off removal.
fin fun tails mermaid
The ability to swim like a fish or a mermaid is given by the patented Fin Fun Monofin (available for separate purchase) that provides natural mermaid motion for smooth swimming at the pool, lake
or beach. The Monofin can be easily inserted into the bottom of the tail, and is designed for maximum propulsion while maintaining its mermaid shape. It's a flexible, durable polypropylene insert has a dive-grade neoprene cover that is buoyancy neutral and stays afloat. Feet are not strapped in, making removal of the insert easy with just one tug and a kick. Swimmers can swim right out of the spandex tail in seconds.  The beautiful mermaid tails are really a girls dream come true, but that doesn't mean boys can't swim like a fish too, which is why I love that they made these designs available.  I bet Michael Phelps would make this tail look great.

Sizes: Toddler, Youth, and Adult
Breathable, 4-way stretch fabric: 82% Polyester/18% Spandex with unique shiny sh-texture nish for realistic scale appearance. Available in two designs: Clown fish and Blue Tang
Note: Monofin insert is available for Youth and Adult sizes only.
Where to purchase: FinFun.com, Amazon.com and select specialty retailers nationwide