Dunk, Throw, Refill - Hurricane Reusable Water Balls

refillable water balloon balls
Looking to get some last minute water fun before it gets too cold out?  Or maybe you're lucky enough to enjoy warm weather all year round, whatever the case check out Hurricane Reusable Water Balls.  They're meant to be used like water balloons, where you have a splashing fun time with friends, but these balls are re-usable up to 1,000 splashes.

water balloon alternative
Unlike the hard to fill and knot water balloons, you simply dip the soft shelled balls into a water to fill and then enjoy as you would a water balloon.  It's less of a mess, and a waste when you can avoid broken water balloon pieces everywhere.  Let it splash, then refill over and over again.  The water squeezes out with a light impact.  It's so much fun to test out if you can catch it without letting all the water splash out, it is the perfect toy for the backyard on a sunny day.  Toss them to each other, play target practice, and then refill each time.

They are available at K-Mart (Recommened for ages 5+ SRP $7.99)