Create & Play Unlike Ever Before with littleBits Rule Your Room Kit! (+Giveaway!)

It's incredible how the times are changing, and the products available for our children are only becoming better and better.  A few years back many of the items our children play with would be considered futuristic, but not anymore.  There are more and more products out there for our children that are just as much fun as educational.  The Build Your Own Room Kit from littleBits is one of them.  The kit will allow learning through play, and looking deeper into the way things are made, all while you are having fun and enjoying quality time with your kids.  As a homeschool mom..I just love it.  We all love it, my son has spent so much time each day since we received the kit, following the guides already available, as well as inventing on his own.  If this sounds like something for you, read on for your chance to win below!

Children are able to create an endless amount of fun inventions, instructions for 8 inventions included in the kit (5 in booklet, 3 online and 1 challenge).  Rule Your Room Kit comes with 4 challenges in the box like Invent Domain Defender, where children are able to set up a trap of sorts for any sibling intruders.  Other challenges in the box include Invent a Top Secret Safe, Burglar Buzzer, and a Moving Collage.  These inventions are made possibly by the contents in the box including 7 Bits, and 2 template inserts, accessories to connect to the real world, as well as an integrated app that will further the fun.
My 8 year old picked it up right away, he spent some time each day since he received it - creating and trying out inventions while modifying to create his own as well.   I find myself highly grateful for items like this available for our children, allowing them to learn engineering and problem solving skills all while having fun.  My 3 year old watched along and I can see her learning as well, it is such a great resource for fun learning.
My son made a "door bell" on his room door, he made a Halloween decor (pictured above), he made the spooky eyes, and many more endless creations all in one day.  It was one thing after another, I had to keep up if I wanted to capture any images of his creations because he would have to take it apart and move onto the next right away.
It inspires young kids to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills to create all over their home in a super fun and creative way.  There are so many items out there that are teaching tools for our children that utilize allot of screen time, this is one that doesn't necessarily require it, although it is available.  For everything that this kit is, I am excited to share a chance for you to win one too!  

For more information and other awesome products from littleBits check out their site here.

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