4id Safety Lights & Accessories for Outdoors

4id led light review

With the seasons changing comes shorter days, and your evening outdoor activities become allot less safer in the darkness.  4id has some products you could check out that could help you and your family with some added security.  4id Power Armz an LED Safety Band, Power Orbz the battery operated Eco Orb Light, and the Slap Wrapz, a multi-use LED Wrap Light are some of the products they offer. Easy to use, battery operated, and child friendly, and pet friendly products available.

4id safety band personal light

Power Armz - LED Safety Band
Multi-use: Walking, running, cycling or any other outdoor activities in the dark.
Ultra Bright LED Settings: Continuous or flash battery use: CR2032 x 2 (included)
4id arm band light

 Adjustable straps with velcro.
led light for joggers

Water proof, wide angle visibility, 70hour steady burn time, 100hour flashing burn time, and batteries include with purchase.
power orb eco light 4id

Power Orbz - battery operated Eco Orb Light
Great for backpacks, camping, dorm room, closet, and to use during any other outdoor activity.

Attaches to almost anything for an instant hands free light.
Glow in the dark button makes it easy to find when you need it in the dark.
High power energy efficient LED bulb runs for 100,000 hours (10x life of energy saving bulb)
Steadily burns for over 50 hours on only 1 AA battery.
battery operated eco light 4id

Multi-function light:
Single press-continuous light
Two presses-flawing light
Three presses-off
4id personal led wrap light

Slap Wrapz - Multi-use LED Wrap Light
Great for running, cycling, walking the dog, or any other outdoor activity.
Ultra bright LED settings: Constant & Flash
4id slap wrapz

Works just like any other "slap bands" would, but has a button to turn on light features.
4id slap band light for outdoors
Weather proof, 100 hour flashing burn, the batteries are included.

They are all easy to use, all come with batteries included.  Lightweight, and family friendly all the way.  Something you can place on your wrist, ankle, stroller, or backpack for added safety.  Also if you have kids, they will find it fun to use.  It is already getting dark by 7 here, so I have already found it useful for our evening walks, and time at the playground.  If you jog, ride a bike, or spend anytime outdoors these are items to consider, we also found the Eco Orb Light great to have while camping - since then it stays in our car.

More information including other products, and where to buy visit www.4id.com