(Video) Honua Bracelets by Imperial Toy #Review

Honua Bracelets Imperial Toy
Honua Bracelets are super cute bracelets that combine strength and serenity of the four elements; Fire, Water, Land and Sky.  Honua Bracelets by Imperial Toy symbolize the critical energy forces that sustain life on our planet, and the power they each possess.  Kids love the "forces" behind the bracelets and choosing between the elements.  The colors alone are attractive enough to be loved.  I think these bracelets are actually cute enough for adults to wear as well as kids!  They are made out of a unique material that seems like it will last a long time.

Honua Bracelets
Four elements with 6 styles in each, there are 24 different styles to wear, there's a Honua bracelet for everyone, for every mood and personality.   These are so versatile, it can be used as friendship bracelets, children can trade with them, wear it according to your mood, your outfit - the possibilities are endless.  
Fire element bracelet Honua

Honua water element
The Honua™ Bracelets elements and it's varieties:
  • Fire: Lava, Embers, Flame, Ash, Sparks, Lightning
  • Water: Surf, Glacier, Waterfall, Ocean, Tsunami, Coral
  • Land: Garden, Canyon, Forest, Oasis, Meadow, Rainforest
  • Sky: Rainbow, Aurora, Cloud, Sunset, Raindrops, Northern Lights
Check out the Imperial Toy site to find out more, including where to purchase.