(Video) Surprizamals Series 1 Cuties Review! 🦁🐻🙈

Surprizamals series 1 cuties
I love blind bag toys and soft plush toys, which is why I was excited about Surprizamals!  It's a little girls dream come true, more specifically my little girls dream as those two things have combined into one collectible fun item.  There are many different editions to choose from to collect, we got a few of the Surpizamals Series 1 Cuties, which according to their site www.surprizamals.com are exclusively available at Justice.

surprizamals series 1 cuties
Even though it goes without saying the fun colorful ball alone is adorable and eye catching, but to know that there is a little plush inside is so exciting.  My daughter could not wait to open them up and see which ones we had.  After our review, she put every little character back in their little balls, and into her bag to take everywhere with her.  It's still early but also not too early to start getting ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts this holiday season - these would make great stocking stuffers!   
stocking stuffers kids
There are 12 characters in the Series 1 Cuties edition, and they are separated by "collector, rare, and ultra rare."  We got all collectors in our surprise balls; Maddie the Monkey two times, Gerri the Giraffe, and Luke the Lion in our blind balls.  It's super fun to open and collect as all the Suprizamals have a little bio.  This is by far one our favorite from the blind bag - surprise toys out there.