Oh Concept Collection Clothing Line for Women & Meeting with Designers!

*I was provided a gift card for my time.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Oh Concept clothing
One of my struggles as a full-time mom has been finding clothes that work for me.  Shopping high end, expensive trends is a thing of the past at the moment.  Finding the right fit, quality and style in one is near impossible.  It is a constant struggle to find affordability, quality, and style all in one.  I'm happy to report back to you all that the Oh Concept Collection line is full of exactly what I wish my closet was full of.  Last week I got to meet with the designers of Oh Concept, and got a first hand look at some of their pieces.  Meeting them with
only having looked on their site (www.ohconcept.com) I wasn't too sure of what to expect. I was afraid it would be styles that wasn't for the busy mom that I am, but I was wrong as my impression online and in person were totally different.
Oh concept clothes review
Oh Concept Collection is an online clothing and accessory store that has been around for a few years, started by two shopaholic fashionistas in Florida who originally started in jewelry design.  Their mission was to provide trendy, stylish pieces at affordable prices.  And I can tell you, they've achieved that mission.  I was greeted by a table of many of their pieces from ponchos, pretty chiffon tops, dresses, a reversible tank, and super cute bottoms.  All of which were priced $100 and below, with the majority being priced below $50.  It was also nice to see they stand behind their beautiful pieces, as I was told they also wear their pieces all the time.
Oh concept clothes
Have you been clothes shopping lately?  It is hard to find something that works well if you aren't either 21 or 71.  The choices are either way too trendy with tears, rips, barely any material, way too much material or there's also the very non stylish "grandma" look.  I think it's hard to find affordable, stylish pieces for the late 20's, early 30's women.  I am feeling optimistic of the fit even though I did not try anything on, I got to touch and feel the pieces.  One the designers herself (on the left) had one of the Oh Concept tops on, and in my opinion the line is suitable for a large age group from young adult and up.  What also seemed great about the collection is that they were all very versatile, almost all could be dressed up or down with a minor addition of a top and change of shoes.  If you are looking for sophisticated, stylish, comfortable and in budget clothing, I think the Oh Concept Collection is worth checking out.