Let PercyVites & Cakes.com Help You Plan Your Party with Little Charmers & Other Favorites

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If you are throwing a party or planning to anytime soon for you or your child, you should check out PercyVites.  They offer a one click party planning feature that will make your party planning easy and fun.  Sending invites can be so much work but with PercyVites you can send a personalized fun video invite to guests with ease.  PercyVites has come together with Cakes.com to help make things even easier.  Cakes.com provides tools and cake decor to help make the planned party even more of a success.
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Use PercyVites to create a personalized video message invitation for guests complete with your
child's name, photo, date of the party and even a image of your child.  The personalized video invitations are perfect for everyone, with licensed favourites for kids and a variety of their own creations for life’s celebrations. Users can insert their party details and messages directly into various fun clips and personally address them to each friend and family member. The Percy Party Dashboard allows for easy organization of party details and RSVPs, simplifying the party planning process for parents and children.
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check out PercyVites website for video invitation previews
Popular licenses include Shopkins, Little Charmers, Lalaloopsy, Caillou, Franklin, Monster Jam, Octonauts and Pocoyo, all available now for you to use for your next party planning!  All custom video invites include videos personally addressed to each guest and access to Percy's party dashboard to help you to keep track of your guest list and more.  They cost .79c each.
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“We’re excited to watch our brand continue to grow and partner with even bigger licenses. We’ve created a platform that offers users convenient, personalized and fun digital invitations that simplify and add excitement to a party invite and thank you. The PercyVites experience is user friendly and designed for busy parents, and offers licensed characters that kids love” - Julie Steiner, CEO Percy3D.
Their partnership with Cakes.com is so much fun, because according the the character/theme you choose you will also get supplies to create the cake for your party a success.  I was sent a Charming party pack from PercyVites, and it came with 3 balloons and string, cupcake topper rings, piping bags, piping tips, sugar jimmies, and sanding sugar all going with the Charming color scheme.

PercyVites can be created on smartphones, tablets, home computers, and connected TVs. For more information about PercyVites, go to www.percyvites.com.