(Giveaway) IO Blocks - Race Cars Building Set Toy by Guidecraft #STEM

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From the moment my son was introduced to building toys, he has always been drawn to them.  It has been much to my delight as building toys are always very educational.
 The IO Blocks - Race Cars by Guidecraft is the perfect building toy for children and a great choice for us parents as it's a STEM toy.  If you aren't aware already, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math - where children learn through play.  The IO Blocks set comes with the ability to create thirty or more constructions out of this one set.  Once I was able to get the app downloaded, it was a fun and unique experience.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed building and creating with the IO Blocks - Race Cars set by Guidcraft.  I'm excited to bring you a chance to win this for someone in your family below as it would make a great gift!
io blocks race car
 there are more IO Blocks sets, you choose the one you have to see the list of builds possible
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you press 'play' to see the figure pull apart and go back together, allowing you to see all the pieces in any which direction.  
io blocks race car set
It is geared for ages 4+.  It has 12 original shapes, 1 figure and 7 extra unique vehicle shapes.  The set does not come with an instruction booklet, instead with the one instruction to download the io blocks app from the App Store or from Google Play.  Once you download the game, you launch the app and select a model.  Then you point the camera to point at the IO Blocks Tracker and the model will be displayed in augmented reality.  Further more, children can use the animation feature to help build their chosen model.
guide craft io blocks
Kids can create an unlimited amount of race cars with an open ended building possibilities and puzzle-like qualities as well as following the very cool builds possible by using the app.  It is a toy that will delight parents and educators alike.  All IO Block sets interlock with each other with a secure friction fit so you can continue to grow your pieces and collect to make bigger builds.    It is such a great toy, educational learning tool, and overall great product that every child can benefit from.
guide craft app
  • IO Blocks®, the award-winning, open-ended, friction-fit construction toy with digital world design roots, now comes with multiple vehicles parts and an IO Blocks® Hero figure. Works with all other IO Blocks® building toy sets.
  • Free, augmented-reality IO Blocks® App acts as a virtual vehicle build guide. Download free for smartphone or tablet. Use with tracker pad included.
  • Colorful, original soft-touch matte plastic pieces included and new transparent vehicles parts including cabins, bumpers, spoilers and wheels, easily interlock with secure, friction-fit system.
  • Educational focus: STEM, fine motor and problem solving skills, and spatial concepts
  • Suggested Age: 4+
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