(Giveaway) Fresh Wave - All Natural Odor Removing Products with No Chemicals or Harmful Ingredients!

No harsh chemicals, no harmful ingredients, and only natural ingredients.  Those are words I like to hear when it comes to products in our home.  So when it came to removing odors, I was happy to use Fresh Wave, which is all about removing odors without harming ourselves.  Fresh Wave products are your answer to a #HappyHealthyOdorFree home.  I've been trying it out for a while now, and I'm excited to share that it really works and a chance for you to win a prize pack to try for yourself.

It could be your pets, your gym clothes in the hamper, the garbage pail, the towel someone didn't let dry out properly, your children..oh maybe not your children, but they might do something to cause the smell!  :P  Everybody has bad smells in their home, every once in a while, that's why so many people purchase artificial sprays, and scented things for their homes.  I have always stayed away from the scented sprays full of chemicals that just add a layer of scent to the bad odor, but always wanted something just like this.  As a full-time food allergy mom, I bake and cook constantly, which leaves our home smelling like food all the time.  It's great when it's coming from the oven, but not when it's lingering.  Once I got my hands on the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray, Odor Removing Packs, Odor Removing Gel, and Fresh Pod - I started testing it out right away!
The Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel was the first product I started using right away.  You peel of the seal and replace with the slotted lid, and leave out for 24/7 odor removal.  The gel disappears in 60-90 days on it's own.  It removes odors from pets, smoke, trash, food, bathrooms and basements.  I actually put it right by our foyer, so when we come in from outside, we aren't greeted by any food lingering odors from earlier in the day.  I noticed the difference right away the next day.  The ingredients they use are water, natural lime extract, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood to get rid of organic and inorganic odors.  Instead of covering up odors, these products actually remove odor molecules out of the air.
The Odor Removing Spray works really well as well!  You just shake, spray and let the odors disappear.  It can be used anywhere you need immediate odor removal like clothing, pet bedding, sports gear, shoes, trash cans and more.  I loved it using it on carpets, and curtains in our home - just to keep things smelling fresh.  I love that there is no harsh perfume smell, and is safe to use around my children.
 place these almost anywhere you want odors gone! 
The Odor Removing Packs are great to place all over the place!  Put it in your shoes, in your shoe rack/space, gym bag, closets, car interiors, really anywhere you need it!  It will work in small spaces for up to 60 days, naturally removing odors around it.
The Fresh Pod is a refillable case, where you use the Odor Removing Packs and use it to nicely place in closets, diaper pails, lockers, boats, RVs, car interiors, and more!  You peel off the adhesive backing and adhere to a clean, flat surface.  You replace the pack about every 30 days, and the adhesive can be removed without affecting surface finishes.

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"our promise
Happy, Healthy, Odor-Free! It's not just a promise it's a way of life at Fresh Wave. Our products have always been safe for people, pets and the planet. And always will be." - Fresh Wave

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