Crayola #BacktoSchool Items that Inspire Creative Learning

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Children are always ready to learn, and full of artistic fun, most of the time more than adults.  We just need to provide the inspiration and the right tools to get them going.  Crayola, one of the leading brands in school supplies has all the back-to-school items you and your child could need.  Give the kids more to get excited about this school year with the brightest, and boldest colors only by Crayola.  It has been our go-to brand for years, and I'm excited to share with you some awesome products that aren't just simple markers, and crayons but unique tools that are sure to inspire children of all ages.  I know I'm inspired and just as much excited as they are.
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Crayons are a great tool for all ages, but specially great for little hands that are just developing their fine motor skills.  The large 96 Crayon Colors pack, the 24 Crayons pack for smaller projects and on the-go are great for endless colorful fun.  The 96 pack comes with a crayon sharpener in the back of the box as well.  The Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons in a 24 pack has me excited, never tried washable crayons before.  
Start the year off right by getting your kids the special Shopkins and Finding Dory graphic and color crayon packs.  Finding Dory fans will also love the little washable marker set of 3.  My daughter actually said these were one of her favorites from all the items, and I could see why.  Good move, Crayola!
Fun doesn't end on paper, dry erase, and chalk.  There is also window markers that are sure to be a hit with everyone.  Kids can't get enough of drawing all over our mirrors and windows, and I don't mind at all.     
School projects can stand out with Power Lines scented vibrant colored project markers this year.  I am excited for the Dry Erase fine line markers, can't wait to write a little neater and brighter on our dry-erase board.
My kids and I had so much fun with the Doodle Scents, scented markers.  There are 18 markers included in the set, and they all have unique names and are all scented.  My daughter picked up the 6 glitter markers and got to writing with them right away.  I believe it was her first favorite, it kept changing as she tried another item.  Safe to say she loves them all. 
Most of the scents are sweet and friendly but Barn Yard, and Brick Oven are thrown in there to make it interesting.  I caught my kids playing "guess the scent", which is such a fun idea for a game!
Really theres no other marker we prefer when it comes to school supplies, these are some of the varieties out there, and all that you could really need.  The Pip Squeaks are our favorite, since they are perfect for small hands and also provide 16 colors.  The classic color markers are a must haves, the kids will need it, use it and you'll be thankful that they are all washable.

Not all children are into art, but the variety of items Crayola has to offer will get every child excited to explore their artistic side.  My 8, 3 and 1 year old were all as excited for these back-to-school supplies as much as a box of toys.  Yes, even my 1 year old grabbed a marker and started scribbling all over our walls...  Luckily they wiped off with a baby wipe.  It inspires even the youngest of artists to color and create.  As a homeschool mom, these are our go-to favorites, and we are excited to share them with you.  Hopefully it has helped you get an idea of what to look for, and what is out there as well for this back-to-school season.