Win a Trip for Four to Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital in Georgia

I just learned of this giveaway to win a trip for four to Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital in Georgia that ends August 14th.   It is sponsored by Wicked Cool Toys.  The prize includes a 2 night/ 3 day hotel stay in the Atlanta area, adoption of one original Cabbage Patch Kid, and a rental car.  Cabbage Patch Kids fans dream!  If you enter, hope YOU win! Here's all the information you need!  All information and images are credit to and Wicked Cool Toys.
Sponsored by Wicked Cool Toys

Watch a family vacation blossom into beautiful memories! One (1) child at heart will win a family trip for four (4) to the Cabbage Patch Kids® BabyLand General® Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia! ($2,500 value)
Shhh! You’ll wake the babies! Awaken your entire family’s imagination with a trip for four (4) to the BabyLand General® Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia—home of the beloved Cabbage Patch Kids®! The hand-stitched, huggable dolls have brought smiles to children’s faces for years, and now you can have your family enjoy the same comfort and joy you experienced growing up with a ‘Kid of their own! You’ll be welcomed with open arms to tour the grounds at BabyLand General® Hospital, which sits on an expansive 650 acres in the North Georgia Mountains. Witness a “live” birth of a Cabbage Patch Kid at the elaborate Southern-style home. The lucky winner and 3 family members will also receive:
  • A 2-night/3-day hotel stay in the Atlanta area
  • Adoption of one (1) Original Cabbage Patch Kid (ARP $300)
  • Rental car is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website. They help more than 16,500 animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their purebred and mixed breed pets for free to millions of adopters each month. Joining the Cabbage Patch family are the Cabbage Patch Kids’ newest best friends, the adorable Adoptimals™ Pets. Cute, cuddly and looking for a good home, the 8-inch Adoptimals feature pet sounds and a special heart locket that lights up when pressed. In addition to the Grand Prize, 10 lucky winners will receive their very own Adoptimals™ pet!
Highlighting the program is the launch of’s new microsite, created to educate children about the importance of homeless pet adoption and the caring of their newly adopted pet. The site also features activities and games. Also, to find locally adoptable pets, visit to search the world’s largest non-profit pet search engine featuring hundreds of thousands of adoptable pets of all species from across the United States and Canada.
With a successful launch of an adorable and comprehensive product line in Fall 2015, Wicked Cool Toys is thrilled to introduce more adoptable love with its groundbreaking, technology-driven Baby So Real, all-new 14” Cabbage Patch Kids, new Adoptimals™ (the Kids’® furry best friends), 18” Big Kids and more coming to retailers nationwide for Fall 2016.
More than 130 million ‘Kids have been adopted over the last 32 years, and the Cabbage Patch Kids® have been Adoption Ambassadors for decades. Join in on the family fun. 

There is a long list of websites you can enter on, find them all by clicking here.