Why You Should Ignore the Negative Media Stories

It's important in life to understand and realize that things happen.  Bad things.  Now that everyone is constantly connected to a device it's easy to get focused on all these bad happenings, but here's a list of why you should acknowledge if needed, help if you can, but in the end move on quickly.
1. There have always been horrible things happening in the world, it's just the social media and news broadcasts seem to focus heavily on it these days.  For the most part, things have not gotten worse.  It is just broadcasted in many forms now, and you are now connected more.

2. Are you going to be able to
help the hurt?  The poor?  The lonely?  The sad sad story about __. Or the scary story about __?  If you can help, do so but move on.  Knowing about it, crying about it, and hurting for them will not do you or others any good.

3. Knowledge is power, only if used wisely.  Sometimes there are tips to be learned in stories, and sometimes lessons to be learned from someone else's mistakes.  When you learn about a tragic story online, if there's something to learn from it, do so.  But that's it.  No need to "learn" more of the horrible details, it does you no good.  Ask yourself, what is knowing more going to do for me?  Not much?  Nothing positive?  Then move on.
4. Knowing about negative things, puts negativity in your day, and in your life.  Some things can't be unseen, and unlearned.  Some things do you absolutely no good in knowing about it.  In some cases ignorance is bliss.  Why walk around with a weight of the negative happenings of the world?  Maybe you'll feel bad that you can't help.  Maybe you'll worry, even though you're not directly connected.  Let yourself have a blissful day, let there be "ignorance" when appropriate.

5. It's information that will do you no good in learning about.  Think of all the many horrible things happening in the world today, whether a sad story about a puppy, or even a more tragic war story.  There are happening, unless you can do something about it, and will - don't waste any of your time on it.  Bad things are happening every second, but you know what?  So are many many good things, focus on those, smile and live on.   

6.  Time.  How often do you say you have no time?  Imagine the time saved if you didn't spend it surfing the web reading, or watching unnecessary news.  Imagine what you could have gotten done if you didn't spend that time talking to a friend about it too.

7. Be a part of spreading good, and not the bad.  By taking part in focusing on and spreading the bad news and happenings, we are a part of the problem.  If we could spread more smiles, stories of love and life - how much better everyone's day would be.  Imagine walking around smiling because you heard some good news.  Smiles and laughter is contagious!  In the end there actually would be less bad in the world.

We are all curious creatures, we want to know why, or how.  Sometimes there is no why that will make sense, and sometimes the how isn't something we need to know.  Change the channel, turn off your phone, exist the app, block and hide that post.  If you happened to have time sitting in a waiting area at the doctors, or before falling asleep in bed watch those happy, adorable, funny viral videos instead.  Just like you, I scroll through many viral videos that pop on my feed online, when I see inspirational, funny, cute, and some that we can benefit from I share them on my Facebook page, be sure to follow if you're already so we can connect through some daily smiles.

Let's spread some good, share some good news, and have an awesome day.  Share in the comments something good whether personal or in the media.