Tips on Helping Our Children Have Lifelong Friendships with Each Other

lifelong friendship between siblings
It's important to teach our children to love and respect one another.  When you are a parent to multiple children, one of your main wishes for your children is to get along and have life long friendships.  I'm talking about that warm fuzzy feeling of love when you see them walking in front of you holding hands, or when you see them playing together.  It becomes the moments you live for, the giggles from the other room when they're getting along - the sound that makes you instantly
tips on helping children have lifelong friendships with each other
As parents we all just wish for that to last.  But like all things, it doesn't always last.  As grown ups we know far too well that those relationship don't always remain, and for whatever the reason may be, in many drastic cases some siblings don't even speak as adults.  Now, that is a heartbreaking thought as a parent.  Parents with multiple kids, you'd agree that would be a nightmare.  You raise them together, even have one to keep the other/s company and that happens.  No.  Just no.  Let's work today to make sure that doesn't happen.  Let's let our kids be the best friends they were born to be.  Even as adults with totally separate lives, they should be there for one another, equally.  Let's teach them, let's guide them.  In the end without family, life can be so lonely.

Tips to help our children have a lifelong friendship:
  • Don't compare one to the other as an example of how they didn't do well at something.  Don't compare.  Respect them as individuals.  They have different strengths and interests.  Remind yourself, remind them.
  • Speaking of differences.  Teach them to give to one another.  From support, gifts to the simple drawings.  Remind them since they are their own individuals, they get to have their own special moments for whatever the occasion, and how they can be supportive without jealousy.  
  • Teach our children to love and respect one another no matter the age difference.  Younger or older, both can be right, as well as wrong.  Remind them to teach and learn from one another.
  • Don't criticize or give long lectures when they are wrong at your children in front of the other.  Specially when you are upset.  Children mimic the behavior they see, often without full understanding. 
  • Pay attention to your children.  Are they speaking respectively to one another?  Make sure they are, teach them when they are young.  The simplest things can be instilled in them, like good morning greetings, hugs and kisses, and of course good night.  
  • Be the guide, be supportive of their bond.  Give them small projects to do together, help them grow their natural born friendship.  
  • Remind them that, they are to be there for each other without judgment in life, someone that knows who they truly are from the beginning. 
  • Don't assume they will be friends and will get along forever naturally, remind them that they actually should be friends.  Like any other relationship in life, friendships take effort.  
  • Lastly, be an example.  Love them equally, treat them well and they'll follow your lead. 
greatest gift your parents give you is each other
It's important to have one another.  Life isn't easy, they'll need to be their for each other.  From bath time buddies, to cleaning spilled milk off the kitchen floor before mommy finds out, helping solve a math problem, shopping buddies, first heartbreak, making mistakes, and maybe even when they lose loved ones.  Being siblings should be about knowing everything about each other and respecting every bit, sharing a bond no one else can understand, loving each other through all the waves of life, no competition, and no judgment.   It's about support, love and respect.  Life is hard enough as it is without trying to navigate through who's nice, fake, using you, and real.  That's when the sibling bond should come in handy.
"Family doesn't mean someone you can do anything, say anything to without consequences. It's people you respect, love and support unconditionally in life."
 -H.G (daytodayMOMents) 
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We can't predict all the changes their relationships will go through and of course just like anyone they will have arguments and disagreements but we sure can lead the way and help the foundation grow strong for their bond.  All these are essential so they can be there for each other now and forever, for sharing happy moments, and even when life gets tough and lonely.

*For those only child families, of course you know this bond applies to close cousins and childhood friends growing up together *Family*❤️