Get the No-Bra-On Comfort Without Sacrificing the Needed Support with Coobie Seamless Bras #BBNYC #NPExpo

I was recently introduced to Coobie Seamless Bras at Blogger Bash and thought I'd give my honest review of the sample I received, and share it with you all.  I've had just enough time to wear it for a day now, and find it to be very comfortable.  It's providing me the relief from the very structured bra that isn't always very comfortable.  As a busy full time mom, comfort and support is something I'm always looking for in my bras.  Unlike
some people, I actually do not like to go braless, even when I'm at home.  I need the support, but between the many nursing bras, sports bras, and full metal wiring bras I have - I am always looking for that comfort and feel of not having a bra on, but still having the needed support.
removable pads
adjustable straps
Coobie Seamless Bras comes in a versatile one-size that fits 32A - 36D, with full sizes available.  Over 7 styles and over 70 colors and patterns.  They also include removable pads, and adjustable straps.  My biggest curiosity was if it actually provided support, and I'm happy to have discovered it does!  For me it's the perfect no bra, bra.  Absolutely loving it so far, breathable, supportive, and comfortable.   I'm not sure if it will replace all my bras all the time, but definitely going to be my go-to favorite while at home.  Some people come home and take off their bras, I think I'll be reaching for my new Coobie Seamless Bra.

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Prices range $20-$22