First Skateboard Purchase at Labor Skate Shop in New York City

I'm new to anything skate boarding related.  There's terms like deck..gliding..nose..rail..fakie?!  It's all a foreign language to me, but despite my lack of knowledge of it, my son has somehow picked up interest in it.  Anytime your child shows an interest in something unique..well you jump on board, and that's what we did.  My son is going to be
8 years old this week, my first born baby is growing up!  He already has a Penny board that we picked up on our trip to Cape Cod, and he has gotten quite comfortable with it.  This past weekend we surprised him as we took him to Labor Skate Shop in New York City to cross of an item off his wish list.
Labor Skate Shop is located downtown where Lower East Side of Manhattan meets Chinatown (46 Canal Street NY 10002).  They can be accessed by the F train at East Broadway, as well as the B and D trains at Grand Street with a little added walking distance.  We chose to go there by word of mouth, someone had suggested it to my husband and sure enough the reviews online matched the praise.     

It was a calm, small, and quite space with a wall of decks on display, and lots of apparel.  We were welcomed in and they helped us out right away.  Very friendly and helpful.  Not a fifth avenue shop kind of helpful where they try to sell you everything in sight, but actually helpful.  The selection for boards available in the recommended size for my son was very few so it was an easy quick choice.  Sometimes not having too many choices can be a good thing.  It seemed like a shop for the more seasoned skater, and not necessarily young kids looking for their first skateboard set, but I was wrong as we found my son a great set.

On their site ( you can check out some of the brands they carry, and shop online as well.

Curious of what they carry, this is a note from their site:
"We carry a wide selections of brands, including many local and hard to find brands such as 5BORO, Hopps, Polar, Magenta, Welcome, Snack and many more. We also carry clothing and footwear from Vans, Adidas, Converse, The Quiet Life, Emerica, Labor tee shirts and hats, with new selections arriving weekly."

My son left thrilled and loved the help he received.  They took the time to let him choose, and teach him how to put on the grips and more.  If you skate, you probably know about Labor Skate Shop.  But if you are a new to it and looking for a skateboard shop in NYC, or a good complete set for your child, check them out.  They are open 7 days a week, Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday from 11am-7pm.  Call them ahead of time with questions if you need.