Consider Reusable Drink Boxes for Your Kid's Lunch - Drink in the Box #Review #BBNYC #NPExpo

*I received a sample of the item at #BBNYC event.  No obligation to post.  No compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
reusable juice box
For most of the areas of the country it's already time for back-to-school!  That means many different things for many people but one thing we can all relate to is preparing lunches for our children.  I'm a homeschooling, food allergy mom which means meals, and snacks are prepared all day long.  No, really, all day long.  I make something, and by the time I get ready to step out of the kitchen, someone is hungry again.  I'm sure many
of you can relate to that.  Preparing meals, and snacks ahead of time will help get things moving smoothly all year long.  I recently got introduced to Drink in the Box, it's a reusable drink box.  These gives parents the freedom to not always have to buy endless packs of juice boxes, you simply fill the "box" up with your child's favorite drink and they can enjoy it anytime.
drink idea for kids lunch
drink in a box review
pieces come apart for thorough and easy cleaning
Reasons why I like it:
Make healthier drinks for your child by making your own and controlling the amount of sugar in their drinks.  Environmentally conscious, it's reusable so you are producing less waste.  You can save money by using these versus juice boxes.  Save space in your food pantry by getting rid of juice box packs and replacing with Drink in the Box.  It is BPA and Phthalate free.  Most of the pieces come apart to ensure thorough cleaning, preventing any mold from growing.  Dishwasher friendly.
reusable juice box
once closed, there's no leaks
While at the #NPExpo at #BBNYC, I was told it's made out of near indestructible Tritan, they've actually purposely ran over it with a car to test it's strength and it held up.  So I guess it can survive most toddler tantrums.  When it is covered it does not leak at all, but it isn't leak resistant when the lid is open so I would not recommend for young kids.  My toddler would have so much fun shaking to spill it.    
BBNYC NPExpo drink in a box
More information including where to buy:
Available in sizes 8 oz and 12 oz capacity.  
Retail prices are $11.99 & $14.99 respectably.

Use code BB20 to get 20% discount on your purchase, valid until the end of July.