Tips on Helping Our Children Have Lifelong Friendships with Each Other

lifelong friendship between siblings
It's important to teach our children to love and respect one another.  When you are a parent to multiple children, one of your main wishes for your children is to get along and have life long friendships.  I'm talking about that warm fuzzy feeling of love when you see them walking in front of you holding hands, or when you see them playing together.  It becomes the moments you live for, the giggles from the other room when they're getting along - the sound that makes you instantly

First Skateboard Purchase at Labor Skate Shop in New York City

I'm new to anything skate boarding related.  There's terms like deck..gliding..nose..rail..fakie?!  It's all a foreign language to me, but despite my lack of knowledge of it, my son has somehow picked up interest in it.  Anytime your child shows an interest in something unique..well you jump on board, and that's what we did.  My son is going to be

Fun & Interactive Paw Patrol "All Paws on Deck Playland" by Jakks Pacific

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Children find the most fun in the simplest of items.  Many times, we as parents overcompensate on items for them.  It's a well known fact that bubble wrap and cardboard boxes are considered treasured fun to most children.  To me, among those simple fun items are balls.  We don't give simple colorful balls and an inflatable play space enough credit.  This Nickelodeon Paw Patrol - All Paws on Deck Playland from Jakks Pacific is one of those must have items for all young children.  It will provide hours of fun for the Paw Patrol fans, and non fans alike.  This play set is complete with balls and inflatable play land that is both educational and fun.
20 soft

More Moments Captured Thanks to the Picture Keeper Connect + A Giveaway #BBNYC #NPExpo

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more phone storage solution

You know that "almost out of storage" or "out of storage" message that pops up on your phone screen way too often?  And of course on those days you are out having fun, making memories and of course capturing memories?!  Finally, there is something that can help you!  No more stopping everything to look through your photos to see which you can do without and delete just to be able to take another picture.  The Picture Keeper Connect will backup all your photos within moments, and you can go back to capturing moments with lots more space on your phone instantly.  I was so happy to have learned about this product at #BBNYC at the #NPExpo, I am always running out of space, and thought my only long term solution was direct online storage or getting a new phone.  But those were not realistic options for me.  If you could use the extra storage, and extra pocket to hold your pictures if you will, then read on because I've got your chance to win one below!

Consider Reusable Drink Boxes for Your Kid's Lunch - Drink in the Box #Review #BBNYC #NPExpo

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reusable juice box
For most of the areas of the country it's already time for back-to-school!  That means many different things for many people but one thing we can all relate to is preparing lunches for our children.  I'm a homeschooling, food allergy mom which means meals, and snacks are prepared all day long.  No, really, all day long.  I make something, and by the time I get ready to step out of the kitchen, someone is hungry again.  I'm sure many

Protect Your Phone with Beautiful Shimmering Candy Shell Cases by Speck! #BBNYC #NPExpo

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onyx gold glitter shimmer phone caes
One of the leaders in protective cases for your high tech devices, Speck showcased some of their latest at the #BBNYC New Product Expo last week.  Among those high quality cases were the Speck Candy Shell clear cases with glitter!  They are absolutely beautiful.  I never thought I'd say that about a phone case, but it's so nice to the touch and oh so sparkly to look at.  Not cheap glittery eyeshadow sparkle, but classy.  I got the color

Win a Trip for Four to Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital in Georgia

I just learned of this giveaway to win a trip for four to Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital in Georgia that ends August 14th.   It is sponsored by Wicked Cool Toys.  The prize includes a 2 night/ 3 day hotel stay in the Atlanta area, adoption of one original Cabbage Patch Kid, and a rental car.  Cabbage Patch Kids fans dream!  If you enter, hope YOU win! Here's all the information you need!  All information and images are credit to and Wicked Cool Toys.
Sponsored by Wicked Cool Toys

Now one of the Most Downloaded App Franchises Worldwide - Talking Tom Gold Run Reaches 4.5 Billion Downloads!

On July 13, 2016 Outfit7, the entertainment company behind the hugely successful Talking Tom and Friends franchise surpassed the 4.5 billion download mark, making it one of the most downloaded app franchises worldwide, and launching Talking Tom Gold Run.  Outfit7’s new “go for the gold” game immerses players in a way that goes above and beyond the routine of a runner mechanic game, giving players a reason to run. Stunning graphics and intricately designed worlds, boosters, and incentives let players experience an ongoing story through the eyes of Talking Tom and the gang. 
Talking Tom Gold Run begins with a

Patience & Consistency is Key When Potty Training - Let the 2in1 Potette Plus Help You #BBNYC #BabyPalooza

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Potette potty review
I have successfully potty trained 2 kids now, and around the corner will be my 3rd.  So, coming from an experienced mom, with children who gave me two different experiences I know it isn't always easy.  Both my children were relatively easy to potty train but both very different.  My son listened and communicated more and that's where we were successful, and my daughter was independent and always far ahead of her age and that's how we were successful there.  It wasn't all easy, but in the end, no matter how your child may react to potty training, the key is patience and keeping up with the routine.  That's where the Potette comes in handy.  If you are

Get the No-Bra-On Comfort Without Sacrificing the Needed Support with Coobie Seamless Bras #BBNYC #NPExpo

I was recently introduced to Coobie Seamless Bras at Blogger Bash and thought I'd give my honest review of the sample I received, and share it with you all.  I've had just enough time to wear it for a day now, and find it to be very comfortable.  It's providing me the relief from the very structured bra that isn't always very comfortable.  As a busy full time mom, comfort and support is something I'm always looking for in my bras.  Unlike

Amazing Put Me In The Story Giveaway featuring Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses Book #MagicSunglasses

Put Me In The Story amazes again!  This time with Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses!  It will put a smile on your child's face right away as you read them the title, and when they see their picture as the bright sun on the pages.  Your child's name is perfectly placed in the story as the one to let the Grumpy Toad borrow the #magicsunglasses.  Keep reading and I have your chance to win an awesome prize pack including this book, you get to personalize!  Your child's name will be all over the book, and you even get to place your child's last name/nickname in the illustration as a PKWY.  The story delightfully left my son with a smile on his face.  The story wasn't about the sunglasses at all in the end but about power you have within.  Believe in

Introduce Your Child to Basic Engineering Skills with Guidecraft Better Builders Grippies #Review & #Giveaway

Geared for children 18 months and up, the Guidecraft Grippies are a must have for little hands to explore and learn.  This is unlike any other toy I've purchased for my children at this young age.  Today I bring you the chance to win one below!  It's promotes sensory development, teaches magnetic properties and introduces the basics of engineering.  My 15 month old was able to start playing with it right away, and with the help of his 3 year old sister, they were building within minutes.

Check Out More of the World's Smallest Toys and WIN Some Too! (VIDEO) #Giveaway

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I'm excited to bring you more of the World's Smallest toys from Super Impulse and your chance to win some this time.  As you might remember from a previous post I featured the Etch-A-Sketch, Sock Monkey, and the Chatterbox.  We have three more fun World's Smallest toys that we didn't have last time.  The Doodle Top, the Perplexus, and the Duncan Yo-Yo.  All of them are of course small, and functioning!
Check out our video

The Water Warriors Goblin Water Blaster by Buzz Bee Toys is Perfect for Little Beginners! (video)

The Water Warriors Goblin Water Blaster by Buzz Bee Toys is great for beginners and seasoned soakers alike.  Great for fun in the sun on these hot summer days, for a good old water soaking fun with friends and family.  It appeals to me most because it is lightweight, easy to pump and to press on the trigger.  I remember buying my son other water blaster toys when he was much younger, and it was hard for him to pump and shoot.  I first saw

Why You Should Ignore the Negative Media Stories

It's important in life to understand and realize that things happen.  Bad things.  Now that everyone is constantly connected to a device it's easy to get focused on all these bad happenings, but here's a list of why you should acknowledge if needed, help if you can, but in the end move on quickly.
1. There have always been horrible things happening in the world, it's just the social media and news broadcasts seem to focus heavily on it these days.  For the most part, things have not gotten worse.  It is just broadcasted in many forms now, and you are now connected more.

2. Are you going to be able to