The World's Smallest Folding Stroller - GB POCKIT STROLLER - The Take Everywhere and Anywhere Stroller! #gbpockit

I first saw the GB Pockit Stroller at the New York Baby Show, and as you might remember it was one of my top picks.  I remember checking it out and playing with it at the show but when I was able to really give it a good use - it quickly became my go-to stroller.  I just love taking it everywhere with me.  And I actually love opening and folding it up.  It's just amazing.  I simply cannot get over how incredibly small it folds up, and how easy it is to do so.  I have three kids, and I travel allot.  Whether just to the zoo, or to a family getaway - I'm almost always on the go.  The Pockit Stroller has been the perfect stroller to take anywhere, and everywhere.  It has also been an on-the-go conversation starter as everyone is so impressed by it, I have demonstrated numerous times showing people how I fold and unfold it so small.  
gb pocket small stroller
I love that I can use it on all my kids if I needed to.  Being able to support up to 55 lbs, both my 3 year old and 1 year old are able to share it comfortably.  In comparison to
the GB Qbit stroller  that I absolutely love, this one actually seems more comfortable by where the child's head would rest due to the cushion like fabric surrounding and overall space, although this one does not recline.  It keeps kids safe with the 5 point harness.  I have taken it on New York City subways, taxis, strolls around the neighborhood, and on a family getaway.  It takes little to no space, and can fit so easily anywhere I take it.  I probably have hand bags that take up more space than the GB Pockit Stroller once folded.
gb pockit stroller small
Going sightseeing, and not sure if you'll be able to take your stroller around with you because of a size concern?  With the Pockit Stroller you don't have to worry, no matter where you are going, your lightweight stroller will fold out of everyone's way so easily.  It only weighs 9 lbs on it's own.  I really like that it folds up in this shape, instead of the usual umbrella stroller style.  Surprisingly, it is so much easier to hold onto while juggling my daily tasks with my kids.
compact lightweight stroller gb pockit
Going on a boat like we did?  No problem.  The Pockit stroller was the perfect stroller for us to take on our family adventures.  It has a small basket underneath that supports 11 lbs which is a nice surprise from such a compact folding stroller.  It was able to hold all 4 of our sweaters.
stroller to take anywhere everywhere
Even when in use, it takes little space.  Also has soft foam lined handles.    
My baby fell asleep while on the boat and went in the carrier, I was able to fold it and hold onto it without struggle.  Learning how to fold and unfold is surprisingly very easy.  
gb pockit stroller smallest
Folded up, it actually stands on it's own.  Very convenient.  This isn't even folded to it's smallest size, and it's still very small.  Folded up it's dimensions are 12″ W x 14″ L x 7″H
best lightweight umbrella stroller

The foot brake is a one-strop brake system.  Located on the right rear wheel that locks both of the rear wheels in place.  The front wheels also can be locked straight.  Strolling around into some narrow spaces are common in the city, so the small wheels allows for me to go more places.  The action pieces like folding buttons, front and back locks are white colored so it makes it easier to use and figure out as well.
lightweight stroller folds small
It has a small canopy, that you can move back or forward if needed.  It actually drizzled on one of our walks out and it did a descent job shielding the rain from above.  The canopy is made of a soft fabric, will shield from sun and very light rain, but you can obviously see it isn't a large one.
gb pockit stroller review
I remember with my first born having to choose between bringing a stroller or carrying him around all day when we had somewhere to go, with the GB Pockit stroller we don't have that worry anymore.  You can easily bring this to shows, movies and other events and not worry about where to put it once folded.  It really is the take everywhere, and anywhere stroller.  It also doesn't require any assembly, right out of the box - you unfold and stroll.

I think this stroller is the only lightweight umbrella stroller you'll need.  It folds up small, it's lightweight, and on top of it all it has a really cool look.  It comes in many different shades, has a removable/washable seat fabric and your child sits comfortably.  It is the world's smallest stroller, unless of course next year GB comes out with something more compact?!
Watch how the stroller folds and unfolds above.  Where would you take the GB Pockit?
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