FunNoodle Fun Heroes Bow & Arrow Set from Jakks Pacific

It is finally summer, and if you haven't already been spending lots of time in the pool now is the time to.  It's time to pull out our pool toys, and let the fun begin.  Many children have finished their school year and official summer vacation has started.   When I think of pool time and pool toys, the famous Fun Noodle comes to mind.  There probably isn't a person not familiar with the colorful "pool noodles," they have been the #1 selling summer toy brand in America since 1995 with more than 40 million have been sold. But did you know they also have other toys made with this brightly colored foam noodles?  Fun HeroesTM Bow and Arrows Set is one of them.
Jakks Pacific FunNoodle pool toy review
The bow
and arrow set allows kids to make an extra splash in the water while trying their hand in archery skills.  Kids can bring some action into the pool fun by taking on roles of archer and impress.  It comes with two water bomb arrows that if used correctly will gather water along the way and drench the target.  It's simple fun.  It adds to the fun of swimming and splashing around in the pool.  Create a game of hit the target, have fun splashing each other - it's hours of simple fun.

It's simple to use, but takes practice - even says it on the package.  Once mastered, you can blast it up to 40ft!  What I love most about the FunNoodle Fun Heroes Bow & Arrow Set from Jakks Pacific is the affordability, everyone can join in the FunNoodle fun!
Age: 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

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