Emojiez Plushi Palz & Blind Bag Buddiez from Fun 2 Play Toys (video) - Toy Review

Emojiez Plush Palz
It's hard to find anything unique that won't break the bank that kids will like these days, specially young teenagers whose faces  are glued to their phone screens. Items need to be high tech and trendy.  Well, I think Emojiez from Fun 2 Play Toys will bring the child in your child back and have them loving plush animals all over again. These are great for young kids who don't even know what emojis are, and really anyone. I know many like to identify with some of the emojis out there because of their constant use of them, these Emojiez Plushi Palz and Buddiez will be sure to please!
Check out our video above featuring the Emojiez Plushi Palz and Buddies above.  My kids love them and had fun making the video for you all.  At the affordable price, and simplicity these are all a great little gift add on and fun party favor idea!
grinning emoji
These Plushi Palz are
3" in size, and come with a clip right above their head, perfect to hang on back packs, key chains and anywhere else that allows.  All our favorite emojis are available for purchase.
emojiez emoji toy
emojiez plushi pals
WINKY TONGUEemoji laughing happy
blind bag emoji buddiez
These blind bag collectable Emojiez Buddiez will have your children excited to collect all 12 characters!  The Emojiez Buddiez line is made up of 12 characters all with unique personalities that include Billy, Tanner, Willie and Knuckles, pictured above.

Plushi Palz: Assortment of plush characters - 8 assorted characters that each includes a clip.
MSRP: $3.99
Buddies: Mini collectable
Which emoji do you use most often?

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