WETHEAD Challenge at the #TTPM Spring Showcase!

*We were invited to attend the TTPM Spring Showcase free of charge to us, and received a gift bag as a part of attendance.  No compensation was provided for this post.  

We had so much fun at the #TTPM Spring Showcase this past Thursday, and it was an incredible bonus that it was #bringyourkidstoworkday!  One of the reasons I can never take on so many amazing opportunities is because I am a full-time mom, and it's usually an adult only affair.  Being able to take them along was so much fun.  Amongst the many brands with incredible, innovative toys for the summer season was WETHEAD by Zing.  My Children got to check it out first hand by playing water roulette right on the showroom floor.
I thought my daughter, who is three wouldn't want to but she jumped right up to join in on a game of water roulette with her brother.  Such a simple fun game to play with friends and family, no wonder it was one of the Most Wanted toy picks for the summer season by TTPM.  Check out our quick video on our Youtube channel above.