Good Job Mom - You did NOTHING today!

You first woke up to either a toddler needing to go potty, a stinky diaper, a crying baby, an older kid who was hungry, or someone who couldn't find something without you..either one of those!  So off you went, cleaned some butts, flushed some toilets.  Walked around cleaning up what wasn't picked up from the night before.  If you were lucky, you managed to sneak in a cup of coffee for yourself before you fed some hungry mouthes.

You cooked three meals, managed to make snacks in between, have all the kids dressed, undressed, washed, dressed, undressed, washed multiple times a day.  You've managed to craft with them, despite the floor or walls being painted too, you did a great job.  You've stayed in your pajamas all day, but you did change into clean ones so that counts! did change to go out with all the kids so everyone can get some sun and fun at the park - to stay healthy and active.  Got dizzy chasing kids around.  Made it home in time to do some more fun while kids took a nap and rest on the way home.  If you home-school, you constantly talked and taught, making sure it was all educational and fun.  Worried constantly about parenting right way.

Did I mention brushing and flossing everyone teeth?  Yup, you did that too!  You still might need to stumble to the bathroom and take care of yourself at 12 AM once all is done for the day, but you - took - care - of - them.
Oh and the house.  You vacuumed, mopped, dusted, then vacuumed, then maybe had to bring out the sweeper few more times.  You walked around cleaning boogers off the wall or other surfaces.  If you are having a really good day, you didn't have to clean poop off the walls that day.  You washed pots, pans, cups, and glasses as many times as they all ate.
You finally washed the clothes, maybe even made a whole activity out of organizing and folding them with your kids.
Great job mom, too bad now that the day is over, it looks like you did nothing at all.

Great job mom.  You did everything and somehow nothing at all.  Another day awaits in just a few more hours.  No paychecks to show all that you've accomplished, no awards being handed out here.  There is no raise.  Keep it moving!  No, literally keep it moving - there's so much more to do.  Make plans for tomorrow, go online - read about all that you might have done wrong as a mom today, take a deep sigh, change your stained shirt and go nurse that baby of yours.  Go on, turn the screen off, there's no time...  Just one last thing before you go - Happy Mother's Day!!

We are not alone in all that we do every single day!  We are all amazing beautiful women with our own hobbies, styles and more - simply putting our children as a priority at this point in our lives.

My mom is no longer with me, but I'd like to tell her she's amazing and thank her for all that she did for me when I was a child.  ♥ I'm sorry I never got to fully appreciate her when she was with us all.  

Moms are amazing!  You're amazing!