Easy Sock Craft with Kids - National Lost Sock Memorial Day! #kids #crafts

lost sock craft daytodaymoments
There's a national day for everything, and well of course there should be a day to remember those lost socks too.  That favorite pair you had but now only wear with another lost and lonely pair when you know no one will see you in them that day.  My 3 year old actually loves to purposely mismatch her socks, so losing a sock doesn't bother her, but most of us like to have our socks matching.  She usually helps find the matching pairs on laundry day, and we refer to the matching pairs as "friends," and it seems some of those socks will never find their friends again.  
lost sock craft daytodaymoments
I have decided to start crafting with our old and lost socks.  It's kind of a "make lemonade when life gives you lemons" situation.  But really, it's a total win - win here!  An endless amount of totally easy fun craft project with kids, that won't cost you an extra dime.
So let's remember those lost socks today, and make something fun.  Today I made my daughter's little stuffed animal friends something to wear with two old outgrown mismatched socks.
Simply place over the little stuffed animal, mark the face, ears, legs, and tail.  Take off.  Cut out, and place back on.
sock craft daytodaymoments
Here are my two little models for the day, I think they like their new outfit.  Since it's getting warmer out, I better look into creating a summer outfit next time!  I think we can make so much more with our socks that have lost their matching "friends," this is a no sew craft, but maybe even teach kids to sew using old socks too.  Have fun!  Happy National Lost Sock Memorial Day!