Be Kind - Don't assume based on what you see #foodallergyawarenessweek #faaw

It's food allergy awareness week and as a food allergy mom I feel like I need to say something in relation to the topic...

My life as a mom is absolutely amazing but it is also very exhausting, emotionally draining, and absolutely takes everything out of me.  The amazing part comes from my children, but the other stuff doesn't come from just the daily responsibilities of being a mom, but from being a food allergy mom.  Our lives have been flipped, flopped and slammed against the walls since we first found out about our severe food allergies.  We lead a very different life from the way we did before food allergies, and in every way our lives have been changed.  Optimistically speaking, many positive things have come out of it like learning to be aware of the food we consume daily, but on the flip-side we live in fear of food killing our babies.
It is a horrible disability to live with, it is a blind disability...  You would never know that an accidental spray of food our way or cross contamination could actually kill...  You never know what's really going on, even when you think you've seen it with your own eyes.  For example, I took this picture of our table in a McDonald's last summer.  If anyone had seen us, they'd say they definitely saw a mom and 2 kids walking in and eating in there - the kids even walked out with Happy Meal boxes and toys.  The truth was I had went to my appointment with my midwife, had both my kids with me.  I had brought their food as I always do, and on our way back home they wanted to stop and get the happy meal toys they saw on the window.  Since they hadn't ate yet, we sat there and ate our own food while the kids played with their new toys as well.  My kids cannot even touch the food from fast food places.

Food allergies actually kills people.  It's not a joke.  Unfortunately.
Be kind to every one, you don't really know what kind of day they've had or the kind of challenges they face in life.  Another important message I want to make sure to state:  No two people have the same food allergies.  While one person can tolerate small amounts of a certain food is still allergic to the food, another person can also be allergic to the same food but have a life threatening allergy to it where they can't even be in a room where there might be trace amounts in the air.

Please be kind.