Num Noms - New Scented Cute Collectibles for Kids

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
If your kids are anything like mine, they've had a collection or two of different toys by now.  From little blind bag Minecraft figures to Shopkins, it's all a great hit here in our home.  It's the mystery and fun in not knowing what you'll open up next every time.  Although hard on my wallet at times, I actually enjoy cute little toy collectibles just as much as my kids.  A new interest in our home is the new scented collectibles toy line for kids called Num Noms.  They are adorable scented soft characters that you collect, stack, create and use as lip gloss.  You can mix and match to create new scent combinations, over 1000 scented combos. 
This starter pack comes with 3 soft squishy hallow characters called Nums, a little tub for mixing, a little scooper, and a motorized Num!  My daughter really liked it right away, hard to resist cuteness.  And since she's very much into lip gloss she was very excited for the added gloss on top of the cute collectible that it is.
Inside the motorized Nom character is adorable and brings so much fun for such a simple toy.  Kids can race them, and trade them like many other collectibles.
These "blind bags" are nicely packaged.  We were lucky enough to receive all 4 different characters inside.  Cute little things that are stackable to show like cupcakes or scoops of ice cream.
The lip gloss Noms fits right inside of the soft Num characters.  Little girls will love the characters, the scents and the lip gloss.  Keep an eye out for Num Noms available at Toys R Us in stores nationwide.