Most of Us Moms Deserve More

Equality.  Women's rights.  And our right to be treated equally is nice and all but let's not forget some points here.  *I'm not talking historically or too serious here so bear with me*  While there are many men stepping up as parents and husbands, taking on roles they wouldn't have been expected to years back, there are still many men who are just simply benefiting and taking advantage.  We care differently, we carry and create our children from our own flesh.  We are not equal.

Accurate to the modern way of being, in most families both husband and wife go to work but when it comes to house work and taking care of the children; most cases it is still the women's responsibility to do so.  What is so equal about that?!  What I'm saying is that we should have more.  Sure allow me to work, and carry my own bags..but no.. know most women still do more.
Equality is nice and all but we are woman and man for a reason.  Our bodies are made differently.  So personally please continue to open that jar for me, continue to at least offer to carry my bags, and know that in the end of the day for most of us women-we are doing more.  That is far from equal.  I know too many that go to work but have far more responsibilities than their husbands, and that is exactly what is expected of them too.  It isn't right.  A full time mom doesn't get to clock out of work.  A working mom often has to come home from work and still have to be the one to worry about dinner on the table, clean clothes, and a clean functioning home.

The more we act like it's okay for us to do more, the more it's expected of us.  The most undervalued job is truly being a mother.  My husband gets to go to work clock in and out, and bring home a paycheck showing his "accomplishments" for the weeks, while I don't have any paperwork to show for my busy full of excitement days.  My days are never ending.  I never eat or sleep in peace.  Of course I'm personally one of the few unlucky ones since I don't have many close family to help us out.  It's said that it takes an army to raise kids, I have no army.  Kids don't know better and I don't expect a full appreciation from them until they are adult parents themselves.  I only wish my mom was still alive and around for me to tell her my many thanks for her many nights and days of true genuine caring love. 

Anyway.  What I'm saying is, it isn't equal.  We should call it more rights movement or something..for those of us that are busy moms, not getting enough credit for what we do. 

It's 3 AM.  I hear my husband snoring.  But I also hear my baby crying.  I gotta run.

*Clearly my views will not be one that everyone could relate to.  Every person, every family is different... 

Num Noms - New Scented Cute Collectibles for Kids

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
If your kids are anything like mine, they've had a collection or two of different toys by now.  From little blind bag Minecraft figures to Shopkins, it's all a great hit here in our home.  It's the mystery and fun in not knowing what you'll open up next every time.  Although hard on my wallet at times, I actually enjoy cute little toy collectibles just as much as my kids.  A new interest in our home is the new scented collectibles toy line for kids called Num Noms.  They are adorable scented soft characters that you collect, stack, create and use as lip gloss.  You can mix and match to create new scent combinations, over 1000 scented combos. 
This starter pack comes with 3 soft squishy hallow characters called Nums, a little tub for mixing, a little scooper, and a motorized Num!  My daughter really liked it right away, hard to resist cuteness.  And since she's very much into lip gloss she was very excited for the added gloss on top of the cute collectible that it is.
Inside the motorized Nom character is adorable and brings so much fun for such a simple toy.  Kids can race them, and trade them like many other collectibles.
These "blind bags" are nicely packaged.  We were lucky enough to receive all 4 different characters inside.  Cute little things that are stackable to show like cupcakes or scoops of ice cream.
The lip gloss Noms fits right inside of the soft Num characters.  Little girls will love the characters, the scents and the lip gloss.  Keep an eye out for Num Noms available at Toys R Us in stores nationwide.