The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator & Your Chance to Win #Giveaway!

Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator
Parenting might be the most rewarding "job"out there, but isn't easy by any means, but the real tough times comes when our children are not feeling well.  Young children get sick easily, and most times it's inevitable.  There's nothing like that feeling of helplessness where you just want to make it all better, but you can't.  The most we can do is do our best to keep them from getting sick, and do all we can to help them feel and get better if they do.  There are a few things we can do to help our babies feel better while they are fighting off the flu, like making sure they are well hydrated, offering lots of cuddle time, and making sure their nasal passages are cleared.  The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator is a product that can help that dreadful and sometimes traumatic task of clearing baby's nasal passages more pleasant for both baby and parent.

Cute Collectibles - Whiffer Sniffer Scented Backpack Clip Characters

Whiffer Sniffers Scented Clips
If you're in the need of cute stocking stuffers, gift add-ons, or simply love cute collectibles check out Whiffer Sniffers.  They are super cute scented character collectibles that children like to clip on to their backpacks, and I know some of my adult friends like to clip onto their gym bags.  They're quirky fun, and adorable to collect as well as give to friends.  Guessing games can be created using the Whiffer Sniffers at parties, and they can be used as party favors.  With the many collective scented characters there's a perfect one for all your friends.

LeapFrog LeapStart™ Interactive Learning System for Little Learners #giftidea

LeapFrog LeapStart™ Interactive Learning System
LeapFrog LeapStart is an interactive activity learning system for kids that teaches core school and life skills.  There are two LeapStart system choices one for ages 2-4 and the other for 5-7 years old.  Children play and learn with engaging activities galore.  The learning systems are compatible with the books of any level.  There are four levels of books available for purchase so kids can continue to grow their interactive learning library.   I have always loved LeapFrog toys for my children because there's always a great thought put into it being educational, and fun for children.  Check out the Leaping Letters if you haven't yet.  I think this is one of LeapFrog's top products that every child should own.  It's a great resource for young children wanting to learn, and those parents who want to make sure they are leaning but also having fun.

Let Salonpas Help You with Pain Relief + Giveaway ($100 Value)

Aches and pains this holiday season?  Needing immediate relief in a safer and effective way so you can continue cooking, shopping, wrapping presents, and most importantly spending quality time with family?  Salonpas can help.  Salonpas has a great line up of products that can reduce aches and pains caused by back ache, stiff neck, join pain, and sore muscles.  On top of the great line up of products already available, they now have a new cost-effective solution for pain management with the launch of the maximum strength, unscented Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel-Patch.

IDO3D Vertical - Draw in 3D #toys

Draw in 3D

Once I hear "kids can create" I want to know more!  It's like getting your money's worth and incorporating learning and play at the same time.  The IDO3D pen comes with 3 3D Pens that allows you to follow the guided map and create actual little figures.  As with anything new, it takes time to learn and master for the best results, and I find it great as a parent & child project.  If you like to draw and are good at it, you will really enjoy this since you "draw" in the air and on the template to make your figure.  

StikBot Zanimation Studio & Action Packs #giftidea #stikbot #ages4andup

The way kids have fun these days are nothing like it was in our day.  Children have to know more, and learn more everyday with the fast advancing technology these days.  This includes keeping up with the latest apps, and games out there.  While we may have gotten a hold of a touch screen and cool apps much later in our lives, children are born with the latest tech at their fingertips.  Having fun animating the old fashioned way, drawing at the edge of your notebook and going through the pages quickly to see your stick figure move is always fun..but the StikBot allows for children to do it in the more modern, up-to-date way.  Children can create, animate and share their videos with the StikBot ZANIMATION Studio. 

Dart Zone - Legend Fire Power Shot Blaster #giftidea #ages8andup

The Legenfire Pump-Action Powershot Blaster will please both parents and kids alike.  It comes with 18 Super Darts that has the ability to shoot up to 80 feet, and equipped with fun features it is offered at an affordable rate parents can appreciate this holiday season.  You can get children ages 8 and up this fun blaster for about $15.99!  Colorful and appealing look with a sleek slim finish, great for easy storage.  My son is a huge fan of blasters like this one, he really likes this one.  

LeapFrog - Letter Factory Leaping Letters! #giftidea #ages3andup

alphabet toys for ages 3 and up
The LeapFrog Leaping Letters is like an alphabet puzzle with added fun features children can play games on.  It promotes fine motor skills, matching skills, and aids in helping kids with the alphabet.  Children can play with it as a puzzle, or play the timed games possible with the timer.  There are more learning opportunities for the more advanced little one, where children can practice word building with the "Word Building Card and List".  An adjustable timer, color-coded letter pieces attracts kids, and gets them excited about learning.  It comes with a guide for parents to teach and work with their kids.  The ideal ages that this would be perfect for is ages 3-6 years old.  Another great LeapFrog item that we are adding to our collection, and loving so far.  Also, check out the LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System if you haven't yet.

American Plastic Toys - Gigantic Dump Truck Toy #giftidea

Gigantic Dump Truck
The America Plastic Toys Gigantic Dump Truck is a vehicle-loving kid's dream come true!  It is made of sturdy heavy duty plastic, and is truly huge!  It looks amazing wrapped under the tree, and it is sure to please a little someone in your life!  I had no idea that American Plastic Toys made so many amazing toys, and had no idea this amazing dump truck existed!  I will be wrapping it up for my 20 month old, and I know he will love it as much as his older siblings will.  The rugged wheels, attractive build, and the size is what makes this truck so special.  

RC Motorcycle with Built-In Camera - Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam by Wicked Cool Toys #toys #tech #giftidea #ages8andup

GIFT for boys age 8
RC Motorcycle toy
While we are all now scrambling to check everyone off our gift list, I wanted to make sure to share with you the Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam by Wicked Cool Toys, a super cool RC motorcycle toy.  These toys continue to impress with incredible features that are so high tech, it's impressive and interesting for us parents as much us our children!  This Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam is a remote control motorcycle toy that has a real built in helmet camera to capture the action while.  Have someone on your list ages 8 and up?  Still looking for the perfect, unique and cool gift for them?  Check out the Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam, a toy that many dads will most likely enjoy as well.

Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin by Knex Toys #giftidea #ages3andup #LincolnLogs #Knex

Lincoln Logs toy
Lincoln Logs by Knex Toys are so much fun, and would make for a great gift for children.  It's our first time ever playing with them, so the fact that it's their 100th anniversary - we've been missing out on all the fun!  This special 100th Anniversary Tin provides hours of fun with a 111 all wood, made in U.S.A logs and pieces.  Another child and parent approved toy, it requires for children to think creatively and build unique log structures.  It is actually fun for all ages!

Airbrush Like a Pro with the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer! #toys #artist #crayola #giftidea

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer
Out of the many gift options out there for kids, this is one of my absolute favorites so if you're like many people I know and still looking for gift ideas - consider the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer.  We've tried the crayon carver, and the marker maker in the past, which we loved but this one you've got to try.  Everyone will love being able to easily turn regular Crayola markers into a spray painter!  It's so much fun for everyone.  I confess I like it as much or maybe even more than my kids.  I rarely say this, but I really feel this is a must-have item!

Easy Holiday Crafting with Kids - MudPuppy Paper Bag Craft Kit #craftingwithkids #craftkit

Easy Holiday Crafting with Kids
It's holiday season, the season where unforgettable memories are made.  The time of year when everything is a bit more magical and fun.  It's also the time to get all that holiday crafting done with your kids.   Not very crafty, don't have time, don't have supplies..whatever the reason may be, the Mudpuppy craft kit will help.  We had so much fun with this Mudpuppy Paper Bag Craft Kit.  It comes withe everything you need to create 4 Christmas characters.  It's higher quality materials, more so than the ones found at most kids supply sections.  With all the supplies you need readily available, all that's left to do is imagine and create.  

Mash'Ems & Fash'Ems Stocking Stuffers Your Kids will Love! #stockingstuffer #toys

Mash'Ems & Fash'Em
The Mash'Ems and Fash'Em little capsules are the perfect, no fail stocking stuffer for kids and even adults!  It brings smiles and work great for pretend play, carrying around in your pocket (my kids love doing that), and even on your desk.  "Blind bag" bags, and capsules of many favorites like My Little Pony, Finding Dory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more collectible surprises.  These are my go-to for anytime smiles, and treats for my kids which is why it's so perfect as a stocking stuffer.
These are made of higher quality, and aren't just open and toss - but I find the little toys good enough for my children to play with.  Once you open up one, you'll learn the reason why there's so much excitement, anticipation and fun in collecting these fun adorable collectibles.  

Make Your Own Crystal Creations with Gemmies Design Studio by Tech 4 Kids! #giftidea #toys

Gemmies Design Studio review
If you have children who like to create, check out Gemmies Design Studio.  It has over 500 pieces, and comes ready for children to make crystal creations.  Complete with pieces and templates to create tiny sparkling collectibles.  It is recommended for ages 6 and up, but I recommend it for about ages 8 and up..but more on that later.  The Gemmies are great for collectors and the artistic child who likes a good challenge.  I love that it gives children a fun project to do, giving them hours of fun.

Toys like these help children have confidence, concentration, and improve motor skills just to mention some of the benefits.  I love products like this for my children, something they can play and learn from.  Children can create, collect and gift to friends.  Gemmies are probably catered for girls, but I find its suitable for boys and girls.  No extra accessories needed to get creating!

Shop for Family Pajamas on Zulily & Help Make Bedtimes Better for Those Less Fortunate

Family PJ sets
Do you have family traditions you follow year round?  My husband and I came from very different cultures so together we have been creating our own for the years we have been together, and specially so with our children during the holiday season.  One of them that I have been loving is new pajamas on Christmas eve.  My children open presents and celebrate Christmas with my in-laws on the eve of Christmas, come home and open one box under the tree before we go to bed- which is always their new pajamas.  They wake up in their holiday pajamas, and get to celebrate Christmas again at home with more presents to open from Santa, and us.  One of my favorite things to shop for is pajamas for my whole family, and often times I try to get ones that are matching to make it extra special.  Looking for festive family PJs, Zulily, an online retailer offers a great selection.  They have recently looked into this PJ Trend, and is giving customers a way to help those not so fortunate to follow a trend.

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack #giftidea #toys #tech #Skylanders #ages6andup

Skylanders Imaginations ages 6 and up
I am loving being a parent in this generation of technology.  There are so many amazing resources for us parents and teachers to give our children fun opportunities to learn.  Video games and apps are full of incentives to create and learn, more than ever before.  The Skylanders Imaginators are at the top of my son's wish list, and I fully support it.  The game empowers players to unleash their imaginations by giving them the freedom to create their own Skylanders characters.  The game also features Sensei characters including guest stars Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex and Kaos - which automatically makes this a family game as parents who played Crash as children will join in the excitement.  All the old Skylanders characters from past games will also work, so old fans won't be getting a complete new set but an extension with major upgrades!

Made By My Dad - Frogglez Rain Boots for Kids

Frogglez Rain Boots for Kids
One of my greatest memories as a child is playing in the elements of the seasons; playing with leaves, building sand castles, sledding in the snow, and of course splashing around in the rain.  Rainy days can be so much fun, as long as you have everything to actually keep you dry while splashing around.  I mean, what's a childhood without fun splashing in puddles?  And in order to splash around in puddles, children need fun rain boots.  Consider Frogglez® Rain Boots for your children.  There are so many options out there for rain boots, but these Mady By My Dad boots are uniquely made with our children in mind.  Material, design and comfort have all been considered in the creation of these boots.  Rain boots can make for a great holiday gift for children, just like any other spring or summer toy.

Paper Punk - Paper Craft Sets for Ages 6 and Up #giftidea #kids #crafts

gift idea ages 6+

If you are looking for a fun activity for you and your child to do together, or you need an activity for your child to keep them busy independently, check out Paper Punk.  With these Paper Punk sets children are able to make their own paper toys that they can actually play with.  It's not only fun, but a great confidence booster for children as they feel the joy of accomplishment at the end of the fun craft.  These sets come with everything you need to create a paper character, no scissors or glue needed.   The unique and easy to use folding, and connecting promotes fine motor skills, and is great for friends & siblings to play with together.  Kids are able to learn through play with the many fun to build sets available.

Mudpuppy Coloring Rolls for Ages 3 and Up #mudpuppy #artist #giftidea

#mudpuppy #giftidea
My kids love coloring, specially my 4 year old little girl.  Coloring can be fun for all ages, and it promotes motor skills - great for children learning to write.  It helps them express themselves, and build confidence.  Something so simple that is so fun can be the greatest escape to relax for all ages.  A great option for children this holiday season is Coloring Rolls by Mudpuppy.  Mudpuppy has over 150 Award-winning children's toys and activities.  We are excited to share with you this great gift item idea for a child in your life this holiday season, it also makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Products to Protect Your Family from Everyday Radiation by Vest Tech

anti - Radiation products by Vest Tech
As a blogger mom in this high-tech world we live in, we are always connected to a device.  Whether it's our cellphones that are with us 24/7, or our laptops that we use for hours at a time everyday - there's always something on and near us at all times.  Many of these everyday products we use release radiation, and with the increased usage can be harmful to our bodies.  I remember reading about it a couple of years ago, felt concerned about it but also didn't know what we can do to keep ourselves safe.  So, when I learned about Vest Tech products that help protect us from radiation I looked further into it and found that there are many we can be using each day to help protect ourselves.  Vest Tech offers products we can be using everyday like baby blankets, belly bands for when you are expecting, microwave shields, laptop shields, phone cases and more to help shield us from too much radiation.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - High Performance Bluetooth Speaker that Offers Fun Learning Opportunities #STEM #STEAM

stem toys for ages 8 and upBOSEbuild Speaker Cube review
It isn't easy to find a gift for children these days and I always say it's mostly because there's too many things to choose from.  If you're anything like me and you like to buy useful items as much as cool and in style.  The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is the right fit for that!  Get your child a bluetooth speaker they can listen to their favorite shows on, and hear their music in BOSE quality sound.  Sound good?  It gets better, children can learn the basics of how speakers work, and get a hand in completing the speaker before using it along with fun customizable features.  If only all our devices came with a lesson of sorts to teach us how it's working!

Peppy Pups by TPF Toys on National Mutt Day! #PeppyPups

Did you know today is National Mutt Day?  In celebration why not get your little one a new puppy???

NO?  Right..well you should know that the super cute Peppy Pups by TPF Toys are the official plush dog of National Mutt Day.  I feel it's only right that you take a loyal cute puppy home for your little one today.  These little plush puppies bring the authentic love that a real pup does as it follows you around, and are so adorable.  The cuddly plush puppy has a spring in it's step and when pulled by it's collar can run, jump and wag it's tail like a real dog.

Light Up Your Home for the Holidays with Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Have you decorated your home yet?  I have some friends who impatiently waited until early November, and know of some who keep their decor ready all year long.  The ones who keep it all year long apparently do because of the struggle and hassle of decorating the outside of your home.  That's not practical, safe, or fun...  And so many families want to decorate the outside of their home with lights but are stopped by the hassle of it all, but now everyone can have a unique light show on their home.  The Deck the Home laser light projectors that light up your home for the holidays will change your whole outlook on decorative lights for your home!  There's no climbing ladders, braving the cold..say goodbye to those days for good.  Covering over 5000 square feet and many great features this is the answer to all your house decorating problems.  Kids and adults will get a thrill out of how easy and fun these are.

Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas from Trudeau #StockingStufferGuide

I'm happy to share some of the unique, and useful Trudeau items they offer.  I find these great gift idea inspirations, or just stocking stuffers on their own.  A few years ago, I started putting little things I needed and wanted in my home in my own stocking, it all started when my son asked me why I didn't get anything from Santa.  I pointed at a few new items I had just bought for my kitchen  and I've continued to do that since.  These are the kind of items I'd be more than happy to find in my stocking stuffer in from Santa.  Read on to find more information about these unique, useful, quality items from Trudeau.

Wowee Wow! Talking Kate & Mim-Mim Plush and more! + Giveaway to Win a Kate & Mim-Mim "A Christmas Wish" DVD!

So so so excited to share with you the super fun twirl-ready talking Mim-Mim plush!  My kids cannot get enough of Mim-Mim, and as a side note about the character  - I really love that it is an easy name for little ones to learn.  My son loves Mim-Mim.  All of the plush Mim-Mims we have are all great gift ideas for little ones.  There is a small one, and a large one perfect for cuddling with posable ears...check out the other ones here.  In today's feature the super special Magic Twirl Mim-Mim is super fun for kids to #twirlaway with as he talks, is soft and has fun posable ears as well..  One of the perfect stocking stuffers, in my opinion are books, and I'm happy to share another Christmas with Kate & Mim-Mim book from Penguin.  Read on, and enter for your chance to win the Kate & Mim-Mim A Christmas Wish DVD!

Mom Trends Holiday Soiree Event 2016 in NYC #MTHoliday

Mom Trends Holiday Soiree 2016
Have you started shopping for holiday gifting yet, or are you all done shopping?  I had a fantastic time getting into the holiday mood before Thanksgiving even started, and it was all thanks to a beautiful evening with Mom Trends.  They held their annual Mom Trends Holiday Soiree, and as a first time attendee of the #MTHoliday, I wasn't disappointed.  It was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, an evening with awesome brands, great company, opportunity to shop, as well as donate.

The App that Every New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!

New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!
There are so many apps out there, you imagine it, and there's probably an app for that.  When I was pregnant, one of the very first things I did was download an app to track my pregnancy.  Apps can be entertaining and fun, but then there are apps that become a necessity and I think the BabyTime app is an app that every new parent needs.  It is an app that helps you record your baby's daily activities with ease, while offering many more features that help new parents in a unique way.  Nursing, formula, baby food, diaper, and sleep or just a few options along with many activities to track on the app.  The activities you choose to track are then calculated and converted to simple graphs and charts.  There are so many great features that this app has I just have to break it all down and share it here with you all, because I truly do think it will change your first experiences as a parent.    
New Parent Needs app!

Build Your Own Furniture with Aran Building Blocks

Aran Building Blocks laptop stand
Lego marries IKEA
A while back I got an email telling me about these building blocks that you can make your own small or even large furniture with.  It is well described as what you would get if LEGO met IKEA, fell in love and had a baby.  That was all I needed to hear to peak my interest as we are huge fans of both.  The Aran Blocks, a patent pending building blocks system can be used to create strong and usable weight-bearing structures like a small laptop stand.  With more pieces it is possible to create bookshelves, and many other fun structures - the only limits being your imagination.  Easy to build with, perfect for the young and old.    

Affordable VR Real Feel Virtual Reality Car Racing Gaming System with Bluetooth Steering Wheel and Headset

VR Gaming System with Bluetooth Steering Wheel and Headset
VR Real Feel Virtual Reality Car Racing Gaming System REVIEW
VR gaming system for young kids

Back in the day we would have been excited for a phone with a color screen, but technology has advanced in full speed in the last decade and no one is blown away by anything anymore.  A cool tablet, and the endless amount of apps alone have numbed our children to simply not being impressed often.  Which is the reason why I am always on the look out for what's new on the market for my children, and to share with you all.  The latest in toys and tech worth mentioning is the VR Real Feel™ Racing gaming system, it is the only virtual reality gaming system that gives you control with a real steering wheel to be able to accelerate, brake, and steer with Max Force Feedback™ to feel the vibrations in the wheel when you bump other racers or the wall.  What makes it even better is that it is affordable at only $29.99!

Tips for Those Who Want to Breastfeed!

exclusively breastfeeding
The first question to ask yourself is if you truly want to breastfeed.  If the answer is "yes", not "maybe", not "I will try" but "absolutely "yes", then I have some tips to help you.  First thing is being prepared, do your research, and get the right products to help you along.  You will need your patience, and determination if you want to nurse successfully.  It's too easy to quit because it isn't easy, so if you decide you want to nurse - don't give yourself the option out.

Useful and Cute Gift for Babies - SOZO USA Hooded Towels

fish memo towelgift for baby useful
Whether you are shopping for the holidays, a baby shower, or a birthday there are so many items out there for babies that you can give as a gift.  But the honest-best way to narrow it down is by necessity.  You and your gift will be remembered if it is something useful.  Another important factor in baby gifts besides necessity, is how cute it is!  The SOZO USA Hooded Towels are perfect a fit as they are cute and a totally necessary item when it comes to gifts for babies.  These good quality towel will be used for a very long time.

Drinking Tea for Your Health + Win a Tea Council of USA Prize Pack! #IndividualiTEA

There are so many benefits to drinking tea, it is a great alternative to give your body a break from coffee every once in a while.  The perfect hot drink to wind down at the end of the day.  With the cold days here and colder days fast approaching I have partnered with some other bloggers to bring you a chance to win a Tea Council of USA prize pack.  Read on to find out how to enter!

New Amazon Original Holiday Special "If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie" Premiere + Our Maple Syrup Sweetened Cookie Recipe

maple syrup no sugar cookies
What's your favorite part of the holiday season?  Allot of our most treasured memories are made in the kitchen.  As much as I dreaded the year coming to an end, the holiday season is my favorite time of the year.  It's easy to make the most memorable time of year extra special, just follow my tips on how to do so...  Reading holiday story books with your children for the next couple of months is a must.  Then a few times in the next couple of months gather your children, and put some Christmas music on.  If you're anything like me, the music will get you in the mood for singing songs, and you're going to find yourself wanting to bake some holiday cookies too.  If you bake you're going to want to decorate your special cookies with your kids.  Then you're going to want to cuddle under a blanket with you children while you enjoy your cookies, and if you do that - you might want to tune in to If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie the holiday special on Amazon Original this Friday, November 25.  Read on for our go-to "sugar" cookie recipe and how-to.  

Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll | Traditional Play Combined with Today's Tech! #toys #tech #dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
The ultimate doll of all dolls is the 14" Baby So Real doll from The Cabbage Patch Kids!  It's one of the most advanced baby doll you'll own to date.  It's like no other doll we've ever owned.  We had dolls that have sound, and even movement..but what truly makes the Baby So Real stand out for us is the bright LCD eyes!  I remember my old dolls used to open and close its eyes when you laid it down and picked it up, but the CPK Baby So Real doll has expressions that will amaze!  It opens, closes, looks around and has expressions that will have everyone of all ages interested.  It's the perfect kind of doll for children who want to play with dolls the old fashioned way and combine it with some high tech features.  The Baby So Real doll comes with fun accessories and a free app that interacts with the doll for more fun!

Portable Mat - The New Quilted Monkey Mat

portable mat for family

monkey mat on the go
We own the original Monkey Mat and have used it for many years now.  It has come in handy to have in the back of the car for when we need to have a clean surface for our kids when they were at the crawling stage.  I love using it on the grass in the park for picnics, and having a mat to put down anytime without carrying a bulky mat.  It packs away so easily, and is a perfect on the go mat.   The old version we owned was very thin, but the newer version is quilted.  It is still a great size and also packed with the same great features as the original, like being water resistant.  

Watchitude - Slap Band Watches for Kids!

Watchitude stocking stuffer for kids
Watchitude slap band watches
Looking for a unique gift for a child this holiday season?  Maybe a fun stocking stuffer item?  These slap band watches might just be what you're looking for.  Watchitude offers so many choices, you can find the right one for just about anyone on your list.  These are really a fun take of the slap bands we are familiar with.  Great for anytime of year as a special gift for a child, designs also available for teens.