Tough Cookie by Kate Louise #ChildrensBook #BookReview

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"Love yourself no matter what you're made of, or in a human's case what you look like?" my son asked.  Sounds just about the message the Tough Cookie written by Kate Louise and illustrated by Grace Sandford seems to be portraying.  A children's book geared for ages 3-6 years old, is about a gingerbread man who was baked with missing ingredient so therefore was unhappy filling unwanted.  He was unhappy knowing that fact, that is until he learned otherwise...
He was an unhappy, a mischievous gingerbread man, always getting into trouble all because he was missing a key ingredient that he thought made him who he was.  But then..he learned that happiness comes from him being good and happy to everyone else, not what he was made from.  The message can be taken further depending on the age of the child, but the simple message is to be kind and everyone will be happy, including you.  Holiday baking, the gingerbread man, reading holiday books goes hand in hand, the Tough Cookie will serve as a great addition this holiday season. 

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