Reindeer Dust by Kate Dwyer #childrensbook

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Reindeer Dust written by Kate Dwyer and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff is a cute book that's the perfect read and possible tradition starter during Christmas time.  About reindeer dust, believing, and the magic that surrounds Christmas.  It was Christmas day and Santa had presents overflowing in his sled for all the children, but the reindeers were too hungry to find the houses of children through thick fog.  A young boy comes up with a plan to make reindeer dust to help the reindeer.  He mixes up a special mix, and recites "I will always believe" and sprinkles it all around to help the reindeer see.  The reindeer are able to spot the glittering trail of reindeer dust and Christmas is saved. 
In the back of the book, there is also a recipe for children to make their own "reindeer dust" to help Santa's reindeer. 
It's beautifully written, and illustrated.  My children loved the added recipe bonus in the back, and asked if we can sprinkle reindeer dust for Santa's reindeers as well.  It's a simple recipe anyone could probably create from what's in their kitchen.  We omitted and swapped what we needed to for allergy reasons, the kids loved it.  They can't wait to sprinkle some reindeer dust Christmas eve.  Quickly pick up a copy to share the story with your children today!