Ovia 2-Camera Baby Monitor By Levana

*I received the item for the purpose of review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided. 
As a busy full time homeschool mom of three, I have no time to myself.  If I'm not busy with one child, I'm busy with the another, and if not with the children I'm doing some sort of chore around my home.  Always busy!  So it easily goes without saying that I could more than use something that helps me do more during my days and nights.  The Ovia 2-Camera Digital Baby Monitor by Levana helps me do more knowing that my children are safe playing or asleep in the other room at times that I can't be in the room with them.  Easy to use, impressive quality, and truly a must have for busy parents.
Right away I will tell you what I love about the Ovia.  It comes with 2 cameras that tilt, pan, and zoom - which allows me to see the whole room in full clarity on the 4.3" LCD screen.  Expandable to 4 cameras, which means more security and doing more with your time.  With the invisible night vision LEDs that will let you see up to 15ft away, you could see baby in full clarity but baby doesn't need to see the monitor with lights in the dark.  If you don't semi-permanently find a spot for the cameras in baby's room, you could also use both monitors in two rooms.  Cook in peace while keeping an eye on baby sleeping in one room, and another doing school work.  No more running back in forth to your sleeping baby, possibly waking him up, when you really hear the neighbors baby cry..wait that's just me, but you get the point!? 
perfect size, big enough screen yet compact enough to carry around
An added fun feature I love; save photos and video to the included micro SD card and upload them to your computer or view them directly on the monitor screen.  That feature will come in handy when you see your baby doing something cute in their crib, or your older two playing so quit in the other room...  OH..I can't forget one of my favorite features.  It has "Talk to Baby two-way communication."  It allowed me to talk to my toddler who was sick in bed and keep her feeling safe and not being bed bound with her.  It comes in handy, and kids love that you are watching them steps away. 
A fully charged Ovia monitor will be good for 8 hours without having to stop and recharge batteries.  Ovia's screen will light up when baby makes a noise, it has Smart LED Indicator Ring with 6 different color codes.  3 Remote-Controlled Lullabies you could play for child, you control from the parent unit.  Also wireless interferences and signal loss are the things of the past, I was so impressed and very glad to be up to date now!     
It's allot of features packed into an easy to use system that I love.  It's so simple, my children 7 and 3 learned how to use it right away - not that it's for them to play with. It let's me see my babies, hear my babies, talk to my babies, record and capture my babies, see them in the dark, look around in the room..what isn't there to love?  Cooking, teaching and playing with my older two while baby is asleep in my sight without having to run in and wake baby up attempting to check on baby is awesome.  Being able to work at night being able to keep a watchful eye on baby is wonderful.  Perfect system of security and a bit of freedom you could gift a parent, if you're a parent, you could get yourself one. ;)
What comes in the package:
-2 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras with night vision
-Baby Video Monitor
-Micro SC Card with Adapter
-Rechargeable Battery
-3 Power Adapters
-Quick Start Guide
-1 Year Warranty
-Lifetime Customer Support 
Can be purchased directly from http://MyLevana.com