BRIO Railway World Deluxe Set 33766 Review

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
If you want a toy set that will absolutely become a family treasure that you're children will enjoy for years and years, this is it.  The BRIO Railway World Deluxe Set 33766 is a complete working city, and is absolutely amazing.  My children have been playing with it nonstop.  It trumps all train railway sets we've owned before.  It just seems so classic, something you'd pass down and keep in the family for years.  This BRIO set comes in a 106 pieces of beech wooden tracks and accessories making up an airport, harbor, farm, bridge, bus and metro stations and more!  Although quite obviously promoting hours of creative play, it comes with added fun features of light and sound as well. 
I'm never too sure of how much my kids will love a new toy, and was quite skeptical, wondering how much they'd really like it.  Right away my 3 year old started grabbing the pieces and playing with it, and it went on for hours as my 7 year old and I build the railway set.  It would be the perfect gift under the tree to please all children in the room.  It is an absolutely amazing collection of BRIO's favorites! 
No matter if your children are into cars, trains, planes, farm animals, boats.. - this set will work for them.  It is well worth the expense because it is of much higher quality and the classic set is made to withstand many years of use.  This set will make you want to join your children and make long lasting memories. 
The perfect addition to your holidays, maybe I'm being nostalgic but something about this beautiful wooden railway set just makes sitting under the bright lit tree that much more magical.  Sliding glass doors at the airport, a mechanical crane, lights & sound on the boat, magnetic features, the fact that the five characters, and 2 farm animals are able to fit into the vehicles and structures add so much fun to play time.  Thirteen moving vehicles in varieties including the boat, airplane, tractor, animal carrier, bus, and more are all part of the set. 

Comes in 2 great sturdy green storage boxes.  Love that I have a place to store the pieces, we have yet to use it since the set just stays out, being played nonstop!  Honestly I cannot express how much we really love this set. 
Highly worth the expense, the BRIO World Deluxe Set is something you and your kids will love.  Also high in quality it will withstand years of play.  The perfect classic, ageless toy set for any child.  I'm just sorry I didn't have it sooner. 

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