Sea Shimmers - Sea Sparkles 18" Mermaid Plush Doll by Aurora

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
Meet Jewel from Sea Sparkles - Sea Shimmers Collection by Aurora.  This beautiful 18" soft plush mermaid is perfect for the princess, plush toy loving child in your life!  I mean who doesn't love mermaids, sparkles, and soft plush?!  It isn't just great for little girls, but would be great for collectors too.  My daughter absolutely loves her mermaid Jewel.
I'm always curious to see how much she will like a new toy when I give it to her because like I've mentioned in previous posts even though she loves her stuffed animals, she isn't into dolls..or so I thought.  It could be that we recently watched The Little Mermaid as a family but she was thrilled to receive a "princess mermaid," as she put it.  True to her name, Jewel has lots of sparkle and my daughter loves it.  Perfect simple and unique toy for a little girl this holiday season!  Jewel is part of the Sea Shimmers collection from Sea Sparkles.  Her bright blue eyes accompany other gorgeous details with mylar sparkle highlights in her long blonde hair, beautiful shimmery pink tail, outfit and crown.  Learn more about her and other Sea Sparkles dolls at the Aurora World Shop.

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