Puppy In My Pocket Series 2 - Blind Bag Collectibles

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Most of us all know about blind bags collectible toys, either by your child's major need to collect them all, or you've seen it in person/online.  Many of our children and some parents alike want them.  Something about cute collectibles and the added mystery of not knowing which one you might get each time keeps us all wanting just one more and maybe one more after that, and another after that...  My daughter loves them all, if she sees anything in a "blind bag" she wants them, and most of the time it's with my support.  Our absolute favorite one that we have had a hard time getting our hands on are the "Puppy In My Pocket" blind bags. 
These will make even adults want to collect them all.  Absolutely adorable they are.  In many different breeds with names, and characters - some even come with little accessories attached to them.  So parents if you are looking for a blind bag collectible that will please both you and your child - these are it!  Great ideas as a stocking stuffer, or even gifts themselves.  I loved giving my daughter a variety of blind bags in a box under packing peanuts for her birthday this week, she enjoyed those more than the bigger presents she got on her birthday.  Just like the name..my daughter loves to have puppies in her pocket to take with her everywhere she goes.  I've been caught with puppies in my pocket myself, great little toy to hand to children when they need something to keep them busy at places like a waiting area, or even a car ride.  There is a show, charm bracelets associated with Puppy In My Pocket too!  There are available at Walmart, Toys R US, Target and other toy retailers.