PLAYMOBIL 5574 Modern Luxury Mansion - Building Set, Imaginative Play & More!

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Do you own any PLAYMOBIL toys?  If you don't, you need to.  You should make it happen this holiday season.  If you already do, you should definitely check out the latest play sets...  As a family we love building sets, it is a great way to get creative, learn, play and spend quality time.  Although we have a great collection of sets, we have never owned a PLAYMOBIL set, never thought to until recently when we finally took notice.  So glad we did!
PLAYMOBIL is one of the top global toy manufacturers and recognized as trailblazers in imaginative play - we were surely one of the few missing out all this time!  They have a large variety of play sets from thrilling theme parks, luxurious mansions, epic castles and more.  This 5574 Modern Luxury Mansion is the perfect set for my 7 year old to build and my 3 year old daughter to join in on the imaginative play after it was all built. 
Front of out there's a security camera watching...
Ever want to buy a doll house for your child?  Have an older child that's into building?  These are the perfect sets for them both.  Even with a younger child, you as the parent can build the toy set for your child, and watch as your child lights up with joy.  With this specific set 5574 - Modern Luxury Mansion, my kids both loved it, they played with it endlessly the day we first built it.  And the imaginative play continues each day since.  Awesome features make playing that much more fun! 
They include 375 pieces; many large windows, a coffee machine, drinking glasses (characters are able to hold onto), lockable safe hidden behind a painting for storing little valuables (like the accessories the 2 characters comes with), trees, planters, chairs, table, laptop, security camera, and more!  One of the sweetest features has to be the working doorbell adding just the perfect inspiration for imaginative play.     
Pieces inside the box...
Mostly held together with little red pieces, which you use the special PLAYMOBIL tool to click on...
Extra accessories, and extensions are available for purchase so the excitement never ends.  In my mind without much thought, I compared PLAYMOBIL with Legos - but I learned that other than both being a building toy - they are very different.
Table, chairs, drinking glass, flowers in a vase and laptops...
Framed painting on wall is also a secret compartment for keeping valuables like characters jewelry...
Two characters included in the set...
Real working doorbell, mailbox slot..small features that make the set so much fun!
The size of the characters, and pieces are much larger, which is great because it allows for children to continue to play after building, much more than it is possible with other brands.  Also it wont' fall apart like other building toys, allowing kids to play and even move from room to room without risk of it falling apart.  My son described it as a 2-in1 and that's pretty accurate!  It isn't just about the building part, but the play part too.  Build and play.  We have now become huge fans of the PLAYMOBIL sets, and can't wait to expand our Luxury Mansion into a grader property than it already is.  I guarantee kids will love to have this as a gift this holiday season.  Colorful, sturdy, full of details, and just so much fun.       

2 x AAA batteries required.
Dimensions: 22 x 19.3 x 13.8 in (LxWxH)
Suggested retail price: $109

*video review coming soon*