Lightweight Powerful Cleaning Vacuum - The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum #Review #Vacuum

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
One of the many things I do every day as a full time stay at home mom is clean, I mean it is endless - so it's actually not awful when I get a gift that helps my days get by easier, like a vacuum!  This would be the perfect gift for someone who does the house keeping at home, best if given without an occasion! ;)  The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum delivers heavy-duty cleaning at only 9lbs, wonderful when I have to carry baby in one arm or in a carrier!  Yes, that actually does happen more often then not, so the vacuuming weight in hand is only 1lb helps.  It's exciting to see how well this vacuum cleans.  The Shark Rocket Powerhead really does a good job sucking up all the dust and loose debris.  It's absolutely crazy how dirty and messy our home gets with three kids at home.  Comparing the Shark Rocket Powerhead to other full size and compact vacuums, it not only measures up but it's totally impressive.
It comes with two interchangeable brush-rolls, to suit your carpet or hard floors.  A deep clean carpet brush-roll, and a gentle touch hard floor brush-roll that not only has great suction but directly engages dust and loose debris.  They also have a removable end caps so you can remove hair and debris from the brush-rolls much easier.  A holster that attaches to the adjustable handle is included to store and hold the other brush-roll when it isn't in use.  A  telescoping wand, and dynamic power steering helps make cleaning and moving around easier - it goes under beds and other furniture unlike any other vacuum I've owned. It also has a longer cord than any of the other vacuums I've owned.  Easy quick release to empty the dust cup makes cleaning so much easier.  The filter inside is washable, recommended to wash once a month.  Easy on/off switch with settings LO speed and HI speed right on top of the handle at your fingertips.     
All in all I love it, much more than I expected, affordable compared to the other name brands and with a 5 year warranty you really can't lose.  Now I find myself reaching for the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum instead of my full size vacuum.  The only time I use my bigger one is to use the narrow nozzle my other one has, but that would be the only con if I had to be really picky about it.  I love how it stands barely taking up space, how well it cleans, and my favorite amongst all the features is it's ability to clean under the furniture.
  • Overall weight: 9 lbs
  • Vacuuming weight in hand: less than 1lb
  • Easily maneuvers under, around, and between furniture.
  • All in the Head Innovation: the motor, the roller garage, the dust cup all in the head of the vacuum for exceptional cleaning.
  • Cleans carpets better vs a Full Size Shark Upright NV400
  • 2 interchangeable brush-rolls: Gentle touch hard floor brushroll, and deep clean carpet brushroll
  • Adjustable handler
  • 5  year warranty
  • Quick Release Dust Cup