Items from Crayola On Budget and On Your Child's Wishlist

photo credit to The Toy Insider
We all know and love Crayola for our go-to crayons and colorful needs but have you seen the latest in their toy line?  You might have seen them in stores already but some of my favorites from Crayola are the Crayon Carver, and the Thread Wrapper.  I got to see the demonstration at the Toy Insider's HoliDAY of Play event last month.  Much like the highly requested Marker Maker toy in the past holiday years, I predict it is definitely going to be a highly requested item on children's wish-lists.  From experience over the years, I've found that toys or kits where children are able to modify and play creatively have always been a hit.  These items allow children to do just that, and it's understandably so why they're bound to be on top of children's wish lists this holiday season.
The Crayola Thread Wrapper lets you add a custom touch to your accessories and anything wrap-able by the thread.  The motorized threading machine spins thread around whatever you choose to design.  You can create a custom color by coloring with the fabric marker while it spins and wraps your item.  It requires three AA batteries, and retails for $24.99.  It's actually great for adults as much as it is for kids, makes for such a great gift.  This would make for a great gift or children can use it to create custom gifts for friends by threading an item. 
There's been days where I found my son carving away at a crayon, and that's why I think he will love the Crayon Carver.  It allows children to carve words and designs onto crayons.  My toddler daughter actually loves taking the paper wrap off the crayons, so between my two kids they'll be the perfect duo to get carving.  It is an easy to clean machine that I think kids will love, it comes with 40 tiles including all the letters of the alphabet and fourteen icons that kids can use to carve messages and designs onto their crayons.  How fun it would be to hand a friend in class a crayon with their name on it?  It requires four AA batteries, and retails for $29.99
I'm always looking for a unique gift for my children and many nieces and nephews, specially when it seems like children are getting harder and harder to please, whilst toys are getting pricier.  These Crayola toys are perfect to please ones budget and the recipient.