Marvel Super Hero Spectacular Event #MarvelSpectacular #NYC #Hasbo

*Invited to the event, and complimentary gift.  No compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
We had so much fun this weekend as we got to play with the latest of Hasbro's Marvel toy collection, and quite a viewing experience with the latest animated series from Marvel Studios. 
We got to watch episodes from the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, Marvels' Avengers Assemble, Guardians of Galaxy and more as you can see above listed in the screening schedule.  I was surprisingly pleased and entertained by the episodes, I honestly hadn't watched any of it prior.  Of course my husband and kids seemed to enjoy it.  We took breaks from watching the action packed shows to play with the latest & greatest of Hasbro's Marvel toy line.     
Definite kid and parent pleaser was the Mr.Potato Head Marvel Mixable Mashable Heroes station where everyone got to create a hero of their own, my son enjoyed creating a new kind of super hero by mixing and matching as he desired.
My personal favorite was the Avengers HQ playset, it could be the girly girl in me wanting to play "house" but I know my kids have always enjoyed playsets like this too.  This playset actually comes together from four smaller sets including the Captain America Tower Defense, the Hulkbuster Breakout, Iron Man Lab Attack, and the Cycle Blast Quinjet - they come with the little hero figurines too.
My son's favorite the Playmation Marvel Avengers Pac Repulsor.  He got to test it out at the event, and upon reading more about it, it seems to be an interactive toy that lets the player/s gear up, get moving as the Repulsor Gear vibrates with every blast with lights and sounds effects.  It was a crowd favorite there, and it's also on my son's wish list now.
We can all add some super to family game nights with Monopoly Avengers, Chutes & Ladders featuring favorite super heroes.
Always a fun time when you get to assemble your favorite figure, or create your own super heroes while sorting through heads, legs, feet, arms and more fun pieces.
Lots of fun to challenge yourself or friends to a web slinger challenge using the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Web Slingers.  It's safe to say we all left finding a little bit of super hero in all of ourselves, with official badges and all.  Thanks Hasbro #MarvelSpectacular, it was an afternoon well spent with family and friends.