Giant Bubble Plays Like a Ball - GloWubble Bubble Ball Review #GloWubble

*Sponsored post.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
We've tried out the Wubble Ball before and my kids really like it, and before we hopelessly punctured it with lots of us, it was so much fun.  They were so excited to try the Glo-Wubble Bubble Ball, because now the Wubble Ball glows in the dark.  If you're not familiar with it, it is a giant soft balloon like soft squishy ball that inflates up to 3ft and is tons of fun as you can throw it, bounce it, whack it and play. 
It comes up with a small packet of petroleum jelly, battery operated pump that requires 4 "D" batteries, and is super easy to use to inflate. 
I've noticed many mixed reviews on the Wubble Ball products and some have been negative.  Our review on the other hand is positive, I really like that this is a unique toy that kids really do enjoy.  Compared to so many toys out there that cost so much, these are very well worth it, since kids really do get lots of play.  I would only say that it didn't glow as bright as we'd all hoped, and to becareful not to puncture it, inflate over and over again and it gives lots of fun.  Check out the WubbleX Ball too, it is so much fun - your kids will love how it doubles as a science experiment too!