GeoSafari JR Jungle Crew Lab Set from Educational Insights #Review

*I received the item/s for the purpose for review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
My kids love science experiments so the GeoSafari JR Jungle Crew Lab Set from Educational Insights was the perfect set for them to enjoy together.  7 and almost 3 makes for a pretty big age gap so it's always wonderful to find something they both can enjoy.  My 2nd grader helped my toddler throughout the experiments, the tools were perfect for my toddler to enjoy on her own, and absolutely perfect with big brothers help.
We were able to make a full lesson plan using the lab set about the states of matter.  My daughter unknowingly went over her colors, animal recognition, improved her motor skills, and numbers all while learning alongside big brother.  Perfect for STEM learning. 
Great way to play and learn, even for the very young.  Both my kids had fun and learn through scientific exploration with this 6-piece, animal themed set.    The 10 activity cards were easily to follow for my son to lead the way, and my daughter helped pour & mix when necessary.  They really liked the simple experiments and I liked that most of the items needed were already in our home.  It also makes it allot easier for me to teach when the lab set is fun inviting, and easy to use. 
What's included in the set:
  • Kid-sized animal themed science set
  • 10 Hands-on activity cards with clear directions
  • Includes large lion test tube with pour-spout mouth, small lion cub test tube with pour-spout mouth, rhino flask, elephant funnel, hippo tongs, and monkey dropper
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