Unique & Fun Sorry Cards, Emoticat Stickers, Hangable Prints, and Customizable Cards

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In this day of everything digital, we communicate through texts, emails, and various other messages but almost never with actual cards and prints.  It has come to a point that when we actually receive a note it is treasured which is why these from Ulysses Press are perfect for making our days a little sweeter.    Cover Art for the book lover, 20 hand-drawn cards to color and use, Emoticat Stickers, and APUGLOGIES for your sorry moments in life.
$14.95, Sticker book
20pp, 6 1/2 x 6 /12
Emoticat Stickers features 200 ways to say it with kittens.  We all love emoticons when we text but these fun and cute cat stickers are the perfect way to make any card, note, or even day specially fun/ny.
$15.95, Tear-out cardstock
20pp, 8 x 10
Cover Art - 20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds.  Includes Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Moby Dic, Pride & Prejudice, and more.  You can tear it out and add it to your wall to add charm and a great conversation starter too. 
$12.95, Tear-out cardstock
20pp, 5 x 8
Don't Quit You Day Dream - 20 Hand-drawn Cards (tear, color & share)
These are great as a project to make your own card for someone when the print is suitable.  Get creative with color and design making it allot sweeter than an emailed card.
$7.95, Tear out pages.
20pp, 5 1/4 x 2 3/4
APUGLOGIES - Sorry cards with Adorable Pugs.  For example "I'm sorry for everything I don't remember from last night," they are always fun and accompanied by an absolutely adorable pug. 

Enjoy Life Foods Grab & Go Crunchy Cookies & FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project #Halloween #FoodAllergy

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Halloween is only a few days away, and while most people are simply excited to dress up and trick or treat, many are worried about enjoying the holiday safely.  When you have food allergies it can be a tough holiday to enjoy.  Luckily as the years go by there are more and more brands are out there giving allergy friendly options on holidays like Halloween that revolve so much around food.  Enjoy Life Foods is one of the brands that offer allergy friendly snacks and treats you can offer trick or treaters this Halloween.  If you have a non food treat or allergy friendly treat like an Enjoy Life Foods Grab & Go Crunchy Cookie you could place a teal colored pumpkin to let trick or treaters know you are allergy aware.  It is called the Teal Pumpkin Project.
Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Cookies come in 4 flavors; Sugar Crisp, Double Chocolate, Vanilla Honey Graham, and Chocolate Chip.  These Grab & Go cookies are the perfect allergy friendly treat, not only will everyone love them but it will help many kids stay safe this Halloween.  The cookies and all other Enjoy Life Foods products are free from the 8 common allergens; wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish.  Products are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. 
Be on the look out for teal pumpkins this weekend thanks to FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project many families are participating.  It simply means that they are allergy aware and will have "allergen free" treats or non food treats.  Of course always take caution when receiving any food of any kind that you don't make or purchase yourself.  Learn more at www.foodallergy.org
Special thanks to the Enjoy Life Foods team for sending us samples and our very own already decorated teal pumpkin, thank you Keiko.  While specific food allergies in our family prevent us from enjoying all of Enjoy Life Foods products, we do love the ones we can enjoy.  They aren't just a brand that offers safe goodies but also one that cares.  Thank you!


Get a Peek into The Toy Insider's HoliDAY of Play Event 2015 #HoliPLAY #NYC #Toys

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I attended the fourth annual The Toy Insider Holiplay event at the Hearst Tower featuring the top holiday picks of the season earlier this month.  I had my little 6 month old who made his siblings jealous by attending with me, even though he was asleep for most of the event.  Besides the connections we make with both brands and bloggers, they want us to have a good time - and they delivered!  It was lots of fun.  Instead of watching over my kids I got to go around playing with toys for the day.  I was truly blown away and felt like "the future was truly here" when I saw so many interactive, robotic, and amazing toys that I had only imagined as a child.  I'm happy to share some images from the event, the picks were absolutely great split into categories like #LifeGoals, Back to Basics, High Tech Big Fun, Hot 20, Character Craze and Stealthy STEM. 
Get ready to get excited and don't let the kids see the screen.  Their list, maybe even your wish list for them for this holiday will grow long. 
A parent and child favorite, the STEM 10 - where kids will play and learn without really knowing it.
 New Nintendo 3DS XL - on my sons growing long wish list!
 After seeing how the Miposaur from WOWWEE works, this one is of my personal favorites.
Hey remember when we didn't even have phones growing up?  Well now those days are so long gone, they're unimaginable.  Check out The Kurio Smart Windows Tablet.  Recommended for ages 9+
An interactive Barbie.  I mean, is there more to say?  The Barbie loving little girl in me is totally squealing over this one. 
Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot introduces even the youngest of our kids to coding, and general robotic play. 
Uhm..it's a robot.  I mean it really is the robot you imagined and dreamed of as a child.  You build it and play with it...  A..uhm..meet Meccano from Spin Master toys, he is amazing!
 My Little Pony, and Littlest Pet Shop lovers at home?  Check out these cute play sets.  I now my daughter would love these.
 Have a child on your shopping list this holiday season and not sure what to get them?  Can't go wrong with some items from Crayola, like the Crayola Carver.
Table full of amazing picks guaranteed to please you and your child here.  Can you spot Elsa?  She sings the whole "Let it Go" song and comes with a mic so your child can sing too.  I have a "Let it Go" lover at home like many households out there. 
 Shopkins lovers, there's more to collect here.
Video games meet Legos.  Lego Dimensions, sure to please the LEGO fan. 
My kids love their Vtech Smart Wheels sets, and it's even better now.  The vehicle has a remote control, with many more features. 
Absolutely LOVE Tomy Toddler Toys Jumbo Jamboree, it comes apart and turns into many little instruments.
 Thames & Kosmos Remote control machines you can build. (By the way do you see the view on the background?  Beautiful)
Just building isn't enough, kids can build and control.  Lots of learning and fun with Hexbug Vex Robotics too!  

As you can see this holiday season there are so many toys to choose from, and all so great.  There were more than 100 toys in the room, hard not to find someone for everyone on your list.  Laurie Schacht also announced the Blogger Bash date and location for this summer, it just keeps getting better and better.  Many thanks to the Toy Insider Mom and the team for a fantastic event!

Marvel Super Hero Spectacular Event #MarvelSpectacular #NYC #Hasbo

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We had so much fun this weekend as we got to play with the latest of Hasbro's Marvel toy collection, and quite a viewing experience with the latest animated series from Marvel Studios. 
We got to watch episodes from the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, Marvels' Avengers Assemble, Guardians of Galaxy and more as you can see above listed in the screening schedule.  I was surprisingly pleased and entertained by the episodes, I honestly hadn't watched any of it prior.  Of course my husband and kids seemed to enjoy it.  We took breaks from watching the action packed shows to play with the latest & greatest of Hasbro's Marvel toy line.     
Definite kid and parent pleaser was the Mr.Potato Head Marvel Mixable Mashable Heroes station where everyone got to create a hero of their own, my son enjoyed creating a new kind of super hero by mixing and matching as he desired.
My personal favorite was the Avengers HQ playset, it could be the girly girl in me wanting to play "house" but I know my kids have always enjoyed playsets like this too.  This playset actually comes together from four smaller sets including the Captain America Tower Defense, the Hulkbuster Breakout, Iron Man Lab Attack, and the Cycle Blast Quinjet - they come with the little hero figurines too.
My son's favorite the Playmation Marvel Avengers Pac Repulsor.  He got to test it out at the event, and upon reading more about it, it seems to be an interactive toy that lets the player/s gear up, get moving as the Repulsor Gear vibrates with every blast with lights and sounds effects.  It was a crowd favorite there, and it's also on my son's wish list now.
We can all add some super to family game nights with Monopoly Avengers, Chutes & Ladders featuring favorite super heroes.
Always a fun time when you get to assemble your favorite figure, or create your own super heroes while sorting through heads, legs, feet, arms and more fun pieces.
Lots of fun to challenge yourself or friends to a web slinger challenge using the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Web Slingers.  It's safe to say we all left finding a little bit of super hero in all of ourselves, with official badges and all.  Thanks Hasbro #MarvelSpectacular, it was an afternoon well spent with family and friends. 

GeoSafari JR Jungle Crew Lab Set from Educational Insights #Review

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My kids love science experiments so the GeoSafari JR Jungle Crew Lab Set from Educational Insights was the perfect set for them to enjoy together.  7 and almost 3 makes for a pretty big age gap so it's always wonderful to find something they both can enjoy.  My 2nd grader helped my toddler throughout the experiments, the tools were perfect for my toddler to enjoy on her own, and absolutely perfect with big brothers help.
We were able to make a full lesson plan using the lab set about the states of matter.  My daughter unknowingly went over her colors, animal recognition, improved her motor skills, and numbers all while learning alongside big brother.  Perfect for STEM learning. 
Great way to play and learn, even for the very young.  Both my kids had fun and learn through scientific exploration with this 6-piece, animal themed set.    The 10 activity cards were easily to follow for my son to lead the way, and my daughter helped pour & mix when necessary.  They really liked the simple experiments and I liked that most of the items needed were already in our home.  It also makes it allot easier for me to teach when the lab set is fun inviting, and easy to use. 
What's included in the set:
  • Kid-sized animal themed science set
  • 10 Hands-on activity cards with clear directions
  • Includes large lion test tube with pour-spout mouth, small lion cub test tube with pour-spout mouth, rhino flask, elephant funnel, hippo tongs, and monkey dropper
Like the GeoSafari JR Jungle Crew Lab Set?  Be sure to check out our other Educational Insights features; Magic Moves - Rainbow Jam, Design & Drill Flower Power Studio and Puppet-on-a-Stick Rainbow Prancers.

MegaFood Baby & Me Pre and Post Natal Supplements #Review #GF #NonGMO #Pregnancy

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I exclusively nurse my infant and he's my third child so I've tried my share of prenatal vitamins.  I just started taking MegaFood Baby & Me supplements which is full of whole food ingredients that is nonGMO, gluten free, vegetarian, soy free, dairy free, tested free of herbicides & pesticides, farm fresh, and Kosher.  Honestly I'm always looking for something a bit more affordable and full of good each time one runs out.  I love having options and changing it around often.  Since my kids have so many food allergies I like to (as much as I can) change my diet around when I'm nursing, I used to do the same thing when I was pregnant.  I've tried many different prenatal vitamins and this one is at the top of my list.  In this day of everything processed and full of scary ingredients, I just absolutely love to run into products like this. 
MegaFood Baby & Me supports the health of mom and baby during pregnancy and lactation.  The natural supplement features a Nurturing Prenatal Blend, delivering herbs and phytonutrient rich foods to support strength, balance, and mood of a woman during and after pregnancy.  MegaFood is the only whole-foods supplement company that controls its entire production process from start to finish called Slo-Food Process and is committed to sourcing fresh organic produce and botanicals directly from local farmers like Lundberg Family Farms.  Check other awesome facts like how it won't make you nauseous if you take it on an empty stomach and where to buy here.    

Body Armor Super Drink Review

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When I think of the leading sports drinks I think of artificial coloring and something I actually don't drink or offer to my kids.  When I first learned about Body Armor Super Drink and it's natural ingredients I really wanted to give it a try, and in the end I found a sports drink we all like.  It's natural, full of electrolytes from potassium and vitamins, and has coconut water too.
The flavors are Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Tropical Punch and Strawberry Banana.  I honestly liked them all, they were not too sweet and absolutely thirst quenching.  What I love the most is, the good feeling knowing it's ingredients.  It's gluten free, nut free, certified Kosher, soy free, and vegan. 


Yoohoo & Friends Naree the Narwhal Plush by Aurora World #Review

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Meet Naree the Narwhal by Aurora World.  He is a part of the Yoohoo and Friends collection of super awesome stuffed animals.  He measures about 6 inches long with sparkly blue eyes, body and my daughter's favorite feature the silver horn.  These characters encourage children and adults to take better care of our environment by raising awareness for those that are in danger of extinction. 
For my older son we were able to make a lesson about narwhales.  They are a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large tusk from a protruding canine tooth.  It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.  How awesome is that?  That's not something you learn everyday, and a beautiful creature to learn about.  The younger kids love it as a cool underwater unicorn and the cuddly soft friend.  Love them for being so cute and cuddly but also that they have a story to teach.  Learn more about Naree and other Yoohoo & Friends here

And Then It Rained on Malcolm by Paige Feurer #BookReview

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
And Then It Rained on Malcolm by Paige Feurer  is a cute read that my kids both enjoyed.  My son in grade school enjoyed reading it on his own and being read to as much as my toddler did.  It's a story about a boy named Malcolm who gets hit with a rainy day and in our interpretation makes the best of it.  Illustrations by Rich Farr adds a great touch to the story, my kids loved spotting the worm in each page.  The story inspired us to discuss how you make the best out of any situation and it's okay to have different emotions but how it's about the way you handle it.  Also making sure to clean up after whatever mess you make after all the fun.  It's a great read-aloud book to add to your library.  Check out the book by going to www.SkyPonyPress.com