The Anti-Gravity WubbleX Ball Review #WubbleX #ad

*Sponsored post.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
The WubbleX Ball had my kids intrigued, and excited even before we opened it up.  We watched the tutorial video as instructed on the box before opening it up.  I was intimidated at first, but found out it was super easy.  If you're familiar with the Wubble Ball, it is much like it but smaller and of course since we fill it up with helium it has an "anti-gravity" effect.  My two kids definitely loved it.  If you aren't familiar with the Wubble Ball, it's like a soft "bubble" balloon like ball that is filled with helium and has a unique effect that is really fun for kids.   
One WubbleX Ball set comes with 2 sticker sheets, 1 fill tube, 1 sealing tab, 1 petroleum jelly pouch & instructions.  The helium tan is sold separately.  You can lightly "bounce" the ball and it'll come right back, and the most fun part has to be when it can easily get passed back & forth straight without going up too high or falling to the floor
You use the petroleum jelly to oil the straw so it inserts into the ball easily and without accidentally puncturing it.  Tiny hands might try to help out...
Cradle the ball from under while filling with helium.
Once it starts to kind of float away from your hand naturally it's right about time to stop filling and seal to let the fun begin.
My kids have played with it all day long, often being too rough with it for my comfort but it is still in original condition.  I assume that it will eventually lose the helium, but it also comes with two stickers to seal it closed - meaning we can fill it up again once more, as long as we don't puncture it.  It's hard to find new toys for kids that are worth the price and bother these days.  I really like the WubbleX Ball for not only being a unique fun toy that got my kids actively playing but it also doubled as a great science project too.  You should also check out the GloWubble too!