Go on a Super Secret Spy Mission with the Chrono Bomb Game #Review

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My children love going on different missions as they play pretend around our home, lead by my older 7 year old, my toddler follows along very well.  The Chrono Bomb game adds to their adventure as they get to "cross the laser field before it's too late," as a part of their mission.  You basically set up the laser field, choose how long you have to make it through the field and set it up on the timer, make it through the "laser" strings, and defuse the bomb to accomplish mission. 
It's good for 1 or more players, but I'd recommend it for a group of kids.  The recommended age is 7 and up, but I think younger kids follow along well if lead by older kids (even if they might not fully understand - they have fun).  My kids like to have it set up and make it part of a bigger pretend mission, which I think works very well.  When I had a group of kids over, it worked well as everyone took turns and set up the field in different more challenging ways.  In fact, I recommend this for a birthday party, would be fun to play - maybe even for adults to join in on the challenge!  There is a free app available for download to receive extra missions to complete, so kids can continue to have more fun.

The contents in the game box:
  • 10 cards (8 gear cards & 2 mission cards)
  • 4 standard clamps
  • Reel clamp
  • Sensor clamp
  • Sensor
  • Bomb
  • Rules 
I like the game since it gets kids moving, promotes imagination, and keeps them playing creatively together.  Not many games in a box do that, so it's great.  Check out the demonstration of the game at the Toy Fair in New York City above, and click here for more Chrono Bomb YouTube videos, where you will find fun and useful videos like "how to set up & play," the music video, and more.