Adorably Life-Like Miyoni Tots Pomeranian Plush Puppy from Aurora World #Review #Toys #Plush

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My 2 year old daughter is a huge fan of all toys plush, but she's also picky, so naturally she was the real judge in how much we approve of the Pomeranian Puppy from the Miyoni Tots line from Aurora World.  As a family we never know how she will react to a new toy, much to our surprise she has actually turned down some plush toys in the past, but with this one -right out of the box, she loved him right away.  It's life-like, and the perfect kind of pet we are suited to house at the moment. 
So what makes Miyoni Tots Pomeranian Puppy so special?  I think it's in the quality.  He is made to stand up perfectly, but is still soft bodied for your child to snuggle and carry around.  The life-like facial features are very well made - we really like our new puppy plush and so do random people!  The other day we were stopped by an adult that said "what a cute toy" when they saw my daughter carrying her puppy around. 

He is just cute, like a plush puppy should be - cute curled up tail, perky ears, and super soft fur.  You know what makes it super special?  It's quality, high end look with affordability!  This cute puppy retails for $13.99, so you could keep your little one happy without breaking the bank.  The Pomeranian Puppy is just one of many award winning Miyoni plush toys in the Aurora World brand. 

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Little info it comes with about the Pomeranian breed:
"Keenly alert and eager to give an opinion about everything, tiny Pomeranian puppies need lots of love.  Train them diligently, and you'll enjoy a lifetime of spunky, vivacious companionship!"