Giant Bubble Plays Like a Ball - GloWubble Bubble Ball Review #GloWubble

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We've tried out the Wubble Ball before and my kids really like it, and before we hopelessly punctured it with lots of us, it was so much fun.  They were so excited to try the Glo-Wubble Bubble Ball, because now the Wubble Ball glows in the dark.  If you're not familiar with it, it is a giant soft balloon like soft squishy ball that inflates up to 3ft and is tons of fun as you can throw it, bounce it, whack it and play. 
It comes up with a small packet of petroleum jelly, battery operated pump that requires 4 "D" batteries, and is super easy to use to inflate. 
I've noticed many mixed reviews on the Wubble Ball products and some have been negative.  Our review on the other hand is positive, I really like that this is a unique toy that kids really do enjoy.  Compared to so many toys out there that cost so much, these are very well worth it, since kids really do get lots of play.  I would only say that it didn't glow as bright as we'd all hoped, and to becareful not to puncture it, inflate over and over again and it gives lots of fun.  Check out the WubbleX Ball too, it is so much fun - your kids will love how it doubles as a science experiment too!

The Anti-Gravity WubbleX Ball Review #WubbleX #ad

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The WubbleX Ball had my kids intrigued, and excited even before we opened it up.  We watched the tutorial video as instructed on the box before opening it up.  I was intimidated at first, but found out it was super easy.  If you're familiar with the Wubble Ball, it is much like it but smaller and of course since we fill it up with helium it has an "anti-gravity" effect.  My two kids definitely loved it.  If you aren't familiar with the Wubble Ball, it's like a soft "bubble" balloon like ball that is filled with helium and has a unique effect that is really fun for kids.   
One WubbleX Ball set comes with 2 sticker sheets, 1 fill tube, 1 sealing tab, 1 petroleum jelly pouch & instructions.  The helium tan is sold separately.  You can lightly "bounce" the ball and it'll come right back, and the most fun part has to be when it can easily get passed back & forth straight without going up too high or falling to the floor
You use the petroleum jelly to oil the straw so it inserts into the ball easily and without accidentally puncturing it.  Tiny hands might try to help out...
Cradle the ball from under while filling with helium.
Once it starts to kind of float away from your hand naturally it's right about time to stop filling and seal to let the fun begin.
My kids have played with it all day long, often being too rough with it for my comfort but it is still in original condition.  I assume that it will eventually lose the helium, but it also comes with two stickers to seal it closed - meaning we can fill it up again once more, as long as we don't puncture it.  It's hard to find new toys for kids that are worth the price and bother these days.  I really like the WubbleX Ball for not only being a unique fun toy that got my kids actively playing but it also doubled as a great science project too.  You should also check out the GloWubble too!


Wellness TruFood Wagon - Food Truck for Your Pet in New York & New Jersey

As a child my siblings and I didn't grow up with pets, but now both my siblings are pet parents, so I got excited to hear about Wellness TruFood.  Just like being a responsible parent to our children, we need to be responsible to our pets, and that includes giving them healthy food.  Wellness TruFood is a brand new natural pet food made with whole foods such as whole prey protein, raw produce and antioxidant-loaded super foods. Made with colorful ingredients you can see like chicken, lamb, purple carrots, beets, coconut oil, kale, pumpkin and live active yogurt cultures, TruFood recipes provide pets with the vibrant, natural nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy.
A farmer's market food truck for pets, the TruFood Wagon has made it's way to the east coast after traveling across the U.S. 
Go sample new gourmet Wellness TruFood, and lots of fun including a chance to win a year's supply of pet food, prizes from a spin-to-win-wheel, a doggy drink station and more!

So pet parents go check out the upcoming dates.
  • ·         Friday, 9/25: Pet Central, 2643 Broadway, New York, NY, 2:00pm – 8:00pm
  • ·         Saturday, 9/26: Pet Central, 247 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, 11:00am – 5:00pm
  • ·         Sunday, 9/27: Atlantic Antic Street Festival, Hicks & Henry Street, 88 Atlantic Ave. & 339 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
  • ·         Friday, 10/2: New Rochelle Down to Earth Farmer’s Market, N. Ave. at Huguenot Park/Twin Lakes, New Rochelle, NY, 8:30am – 2:30pm
  • ·         Saturday, 10/3: Central Park Conservancy’s My Dog Loves Central Park Fair, New York City, NY, 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • ·         Sunday, 10/4: Bideawee’s 100th Anniversary Pet Adoption & Fall Festival, 3300 Beltagh Ave., Wantagh, NY 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Cutie Curls Emma Doll from Aurora World #Review #Girls #Dolls #Toys #Plush

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Aurora World Cutie Curls Emma Doll is such a cutie!  I first saw these cute soft big curly haired dolls at the toy show in New York City many months ago, and knew it would be a hit with my daughter.  Sure enough - the Cutie Curls Emma doll has been the perfect kind of doll for my girly-girl daughter who only loves plush stuffed toys.  I was always into dolls as a little girl but my daughter hasn't been at all until now. 
She plays with the big curly bouncy hair, carries it around, and even sleeps with it.  The color is beautiful, and the features are just adorable.  As you can see by the picture above, the doll measures up to it's name and is really a cutie.  The size if perfect for a child's arms and room, 10" and retails for $17.  It's been a hit for my toddler daughter, and would also be great for older kids to collect.  Check out the Aurora World website to see the many other plush toys, and the rest of the Cutie Curl dolls.  If your little one loves plush animals, check out the cute Pomeranian Plush Puppy we featured.   


Learn Colors & New Fun Songs with Magic Moves - Rainbow Jam from Educational Insights #Review

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Music is one of the best ways to teach children, actually it's a great way to learn for everyone.  Magic Moves - Rainbow Jam from Educational Insights teaches children ages 3+ the colors through song.  My daughter loves the unique songs that it includes, we all love it.  The words in the song include what the things are that specific color.  The songs are catchy and full of content like "black is for black bird sitting in a tree..."  All you need is a flat surface with the color to hear the songs and notes.
Nine colorful songs that come with the colors:
Purple, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black.
You can switch it between two modes to compose with color or play 9 color songs.  It includes a 16 page musical activity book you need to make the songs or notes play.  We found it a bit difficult for a young child to get used to pressing the sensor onto the colors onto the page to hear notes and songs.  But once they get it, it's easy.  What my kids find to be most fun is testing out different items like the table, and pages in a book to activate the songs and notes.  The songs, by the way are fantastic.  As an added fun feature the musical note on top changes to the colors it's clicked on.  Another great product for kids to play and learn from, check out the Rainbow Jam and more by clicking on the link.
A great fun toy for young kids to learn colors,songs, composing and even motor skills.  It requires 3 AAA batteries that are included.  Such a fun little toy to carry around anywhere, great gift for any young one in your life!


Kick Flipper - Kick It! Flip It! Pop It! #Review

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The Kick Flipper is like a skateboard without wheels.  The perfect way for kids age 5 and up to practice basic skills like balance, footwork, and coordination - all essential for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfboarding.  It isn't meant to ride like a skateboard, but more for the tricks, where you kick it, flip it, or pop it. 
Kick Flippers can be used on carpet, grass, or sand.  My son got to try it out on grass, and seemed to really like it.  I think it's the perfect way for kids that don't already know how to skate or board to safely test out tricks.  Absolutely great for those that already have the experience to do their tricks and learn some new ones anywhere they can.  The Flip Kicker is lightweight, and can be taken anywhere easily - we took it on a camping trip.  It also supports up to 200 lbs!
For more information including where to buy check out     

Design & Drill Flower Power Studio from Educational Insights #Review #Toys #Kids

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Perfect for the little girl in your life that loves colorful flowers and also wants to play with tools.  My daughter is a girly girl who just loves playing with her dad and brother, the Design & Drill Flower Power Studio from Educational Insights is the perfect fit.  It's a mess-free and portable art project that has real drill action for kids to enjoy, boy or girl - and even fun for older kids. 
My kids love the action and sound of the Power Drill as they drill bolts and arrange the designer plates into adorable patterns.  First picture above is a pattern of a fish, just one of the 12 design patterns in the book that's included.  I was surprised by how well it works and how much the kids liked it.  It is truly a great toy for a little kids to have, they'll play and learn while having fun.   
The power drill requires 3 AA batteries and features two action modes; forward and reverse.  It includes 6 designer plates, 60 colorful bolts and 2 bits (flower & phillips bit).  It closes perfectly with a butterfly clasp and stores all it's pieces.  It has given me more options to go over the colors with my little girl, it teaches hand-eye coordination, patterning, problem-solving skills, and so much more.  With so many toys out there, it's actually hard to find a toy that's educational and is a pleaser for both parent and child, this is one of those gems.  Check out the Design & Drill Flower Power Studio here and other great items from Educational Insights.  Check out our other favorite from Educational Insights, the Puppet on-a-stick Rainbow Prancers here. 

Premama Essentials + DHA Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix #Review & #Giveaway

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As a mom to three I've tried my share of different prenatal vitamins, and recently I got to try out the Premama Essentials + DHA prenatal vitamin drink mix, which is a good option to have if you don't want to take pills.  #Premama has a complete line of maternity wellness products that now include a Lactation formula, this Premama Lactation product joins the two prenatal vitamin drink mixes, Premam Essentials and Premama  Essentials + DHA, all offering a pill-free options for moms. 
The Premama Lactation mix has Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Calcium for breast milk nutrition and Fennel Seed, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to help boost milk production.  I'm not pregnant, but I'm still nursing my little 4 month old, and since I'm exclusively breastfeeding I like to continue taking prenatals to continue to nourish my body and offer my baby the best with my breast milk.  I tried the Premama Essentials + DHA which comes in a citrus flavor. 
The first day I mixed it with a glass of orange juice, and found it to be too sweet, since then realized it goes great with a glass of cold water, once I get tired of the flavor I pour it into my smoothie, which is another great way to take your prenatal.  The Premama Essentials does not have a flavor so it would go even better into any drink of your liking.  It's great for moms to have another option as far as prenatal vitamins and lactation support supplements.  I'm enjoying this new option, no more pill - I can just mix it into a drink I'm already having, and don't have to feel like it's a pill. 

mix well
I'd love for you guys to give these a try too and see if it's something you'd like as an option instead of the daily pills.  Enter below using the Rafflecopter to win a months supply (one box -28 packets) of your choice Premama product.  They also available for purchase at #CVS stores nationwide.  Visit for more information!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Adorably Life-Like Miyoni Tots Pomeranian Plush Puppy from Aurora World #Review #Toys #Plush

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My 2 year old daughter is a huge fan of all toys plush, but she's also picky, so naturally she was the real judge in how much we approve of the Pomeranian Puppy from the Miyoni Tots line from Aurora World.  As a family we never know how she will react to a new toy, much to our surprise she has actually turned down some plush toys in the past, but with this one -right out of the box, she loved him right away.  It's life-like, and the perfect kind of pet we are suited to house at the moment. 
So what makes Miyoni Tots Pomeranian Puppy so special?  I think it's in the quality.  He is made to stand up perfectly, but is still soft bodied for your child to snuggle and carry around.  The life-like facial features are very well made - we really like our new puppy plush and so do random people!  The other day we were stopped by an adult that said "what a cute toy" when they saw my daughter carrying her puppy around. 

He is just cute, like a plush puppy should be - cute curled up tail, perky ears, and super soft fur.  You know what makes it super special?  It's quality, high end look with affordability!  This cute puppy retails for $13.99, so you could keep your little one happy without breaking the bank.  The Pomeranian Puppy is just one of many award winning Miyoni plush toys in the Aurora World brand. 

tag in front of neck
Little info it comes with about the Pomeranian breed:
"Keenly alert and eager to give an opinion about everything, tiny Pomeranian puppies need lots of love.  Train them diligently, and you'll enjoy a lifetime of spunky, vivacious companionship!"


10 Year Old Zachary Kaplan & the Care Bears Celebrate the First Official National Care Bears #ShareYourCare Day in a Very Special Way on September 9, 2015

Share, Care, Love, and Help -that's what #ShareYourCare Day is all about.  It's something as small as sharing a toy with your siblings, helping each other in every small & big way possible.  Zach Kaplan is a 10 year old boy who believes that every child should have a beloved stuffed animal every night and is determined to find ways to give to those that their families can't afford one.
To accomplish this he has teamed up with the iconic children's brand Care Bears, and Leake & Watts, a local human services agency that provides vital support to 8,000 children, adults, and families each day in the greater New York Metropolitan Area to commemorate the new school year by paying it forward in honor of #ShareYourCare Day.  Care Bears, and Zachary Kaplan will present 400 Care Bears plush toys and DVDs to children ages 2-4 in the Leake & Watts early childhood programs at a very special celebration just for them on September 9, 2015 at 2165 Randall Avenue in the Bronx at 3PM.  Hearing about this just makes me smile, it's incredible to hear what Zachary is doing and to imagine 400 little ones snuggling up with their Care Bears.       

Go on a Super Secret Spy Mission with the Chrono Bomb Game #Review

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are a 100% my own.
My children love going on different missions as they play pretend around our home, lead by my older 7 year old, my toddler follows along very well.  The Chrono Bomb game adds to their adventure as they get to "cross the laser field before it's too late," as a part of their mission.  You basically set up the laser field, choose how long you have to make it through the field and set it up on the timer, make it through the "laser" strings, and defuse the bomb to accomplish mission. 
It's good for 1 or more players, but I'd recommend it for a group of kids.  The recommended age is 7 and up, but I think younger kids follow along well if lead by older kids (even if they might not fully understand - they have fun).  My kids like to have it set up and make it part of a bigger pretend mission, which I think works very well.  When I had a group of kids over, it worked well as everyone took turns and set up the field in different more challenging ways.  In fact, I recommend this for a birthday party, would be fun to play - maybe even for adults to join in on the challenge!  There is a free app available for download to receive extra missions to complete, so kids can continue to have more fun.

The contents in the game box:
  • 10 cards (8 gear cards & 2 mission cards)
  • 4 standard clamps
  • Reel clamp
  • Sensor clamp
  • Sensor
  • Bomb
  • Rules 
I like the game since it gets kids moving, promotes imagination, and keeps them playing creatively together.  Not many games in a box do that, so it's great.  Check out the demonstration of the game at the Toy Fair in New York City above, and click here for more Chrono Bomb YouTube videos, where you will find fun and useful videos like "how to set up & play," the music video, and more.

Puppet-on-a-Stick Rainbow Prancers Set from Educational Insights #Review

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review. All opinions are a 100% my own. No other compensation was provided.
Twinkle, Shine, and Dazzle
We love, LOVE these Puppet-on-a-stick Rainbow Prancers Set from Educational Insights!  Twinkle, Shine, and Dazzle are puppets, which we all love right away, but they are also fun unicorns kids can play with.  My daughter calls them her ponies, and carries them around all the time.  No little girl will look past these sparkly colorful unicorns and not want them.

pretend play, role play, endless fun!
They encourage self expression, inspires dramatic & creative play, and helps develops communication skills.  In other words, your kids will have an incredible amount of fun having fun while learning.  Great for role playing, using while reading stories out loud, and all the other moments of creativity and imagination.  It's also a great tool you can use to teach your child, I bet they'll listen allot more attentively when it comes from Shine, Dazzle or Twinkle.   
like little dolls, fix their hair - add stickers! 

This is sure to please any child.  My 2 1/2 year old girl seriously has been in love from the moment she opened them up.  It as good as any other little toy figure but with added puppet features.  Kids can brush their hair, and add stickers (included) on them to personalize them too.  Use the lever or pull down on the ball to make unicorn mouths move.  I find that my youngest finds pulling on the ball easier, and my oldest the lever is easier.  These Puppet-on-a-Stick Prancers have been great for pretend play, puppet shows, motor skills, and so much more for us!  Great addition to your home or classroom.  If you don't already find these to be a must have, I'll add that the price point is great too.  It retails for $32.99 and you really get quality items that your family will enjoy for many years.  And, what a great gift these would make for a young child, parent, teacher, or caregiver! 

little friends forever