Wanting to Live "Forever"

quick drawing of our family by my son - it's extra sweet since little sister gave it a few folds
When I lost my mom back when I was a teenager, the last thing I wanted to do was live forever.  In fact I was deeply depressed not wanting to do anything with my life.  But now no matter how tough my days are, no matter how stressed out and busy I am, I want to live forever.  I don't have time to feel sad, sorry, or anything silly over small matters when I have three little kids who I brought into this world.  I only wish for my loved ones and I to be healthy & happy. 

My children; three beautiful little minds, all so amazingly creative, funny and full of life.  My heart aches knowing my mom didn't get to see her three kids grow up into adults.  She never met her grandkids, she has five.  She never got to grow old with her husband.  Just as I have hopes for the future of my life, my mom did and her life was cut short because of her health.  I want to live a long life for my kids, my husband, my family, my mom, and for myself.  Life isn't to be taken for granted and life isn't to be wasted on silly matters.  Life is to be lived everyday.           

Nothing is more important than health, and if you haven't had something happen to you to make you realize that - you're actually lucky.  But cheat on this one a little and know that the health of you and your loved ones comes first.  Have some perspective and no matter how bad a day you're having - get up and live, find something to smile about.  Think "even though __(fill in the blank)__happened, I have/can _(fill in the blank)__.  There's always an upside.

I want to live long enough to be have grown conversations with my children.  Although I am terrified of it but I want to deal with my growing teenage kids because I want to believe I'll be the kind of parent that my kids feel comfortable talking to me about anything.  I want to be with them when they fall in love, and be there to hug them when they have their first broken heart.  I want to be there annoying them when they have children of their own.  I want to host holiday dinners with my kids, and their kids.  I want it all, and I want to do this not only for myself but for my mom who never got to do it with us.  I want to grow old with my husband, and be that old cute couple still holding hands.  I never met my grandparents from her side of the family either, and I never met my grandpa from my dads side.  I want to give my future grandchildren grandparents.  I'm only in my late twenties, but I think of this.  I wish for this, I hope for this.  I fear of not being able to live a "forever."  My forever isn't forever, it's just a long healthy life with my family.

If you are feeling down whether it's a crappy day you had, or you had something horrible happen to you recently, know that it will get better.  And maybe it isn't children in your life, but you will find a reason to want to live forever.  Your family, your friends, maybe visiting a destination, maybe trying a new food - however big or small take that wish & hope and use it to want to live everyday to the fullest.  It's when you have something important to you when you realize there isn't enough hours in a day to live life to the fullest.  Don't waste time on something that isn't important, because you are going to regret the time wasted once it passes by you.  And I promise you, it will pass you by...  Living life to the fullest is different for everyone, and everyday is different. 

Since none of us have full control of our lives, and the future of it, all we could do is make sure we live today to the fullest.  Living life to the fullest doesn't mean doing something extraordinary everyday, it might just be in the simple joys in your day.  Life changes daily, here are some of my recent (simple) ways I like to live my life to the fullest:
  • Spend a day not worrying about cleaning, letting the kids make a mess, and spending the day being "careless" at home.  Just enjoying each other's company.
  • Making sure we get out into the world and see something new.
  • Learning something new, something we can talk about before falling asleep in bed.
  • Waking up on a Saturday morning and lying in bed as a family for an hour before getting up.
  • Enjoying family meals.
  • Cooking and eating something really good as a family.
  • Traveling as a family.
  • Dressing up to feel confident and pretty.  Also dressing up to be silly with the kids.
  • Forget about finances (within reason) and do something spontaneous every once in a while as a family.
  • Quality time with my kids.  Laughing, hugging, kissing... 
  • Cleaning up, decluttering - it could be unbelievably fulfilling.
  • Making someone else's day - even a stranger.
Don't wait for something horrible to happen to you to realize life is short, or to realize you should appreciate every little positive thing in life. 

What are you doing lately to live life to the fullest? 
Anything make you want to live "forever?"