My Babies 3rd Month

My little boy has grown right before my eyes.  He has gained weight and is starting to look like a little chubby baby, it seems like just yesterday he was a newborn.  Gaining weight as well as gaining lots of strength to hold up his head and control of his body.  He puts his hands in his mouth, constantly drooling..possibly teething?  He smiles, in fact I call him "smiley" sometimes.  When he isn't smiling away, he give coos - he looks right at us  and takes one big breath to tell us something.  When he wants to complain and make a point before crying, he "talks" allot blowing spit bubbles.  It is super cute!

He only cries when he gets really tired, has gas, and needs to be picked up.  He hangs out on his swing, which he doesn't like swinging.  He just likes to have company in the room and sit there.  He loves tummy time, he has great control of his neck now.  A week ago, he was sick for about two weeks.  He had a stuffy congested chest, coughed a little but luckily we got through it. 
smiles & giggles when I play with his little toesies
He has chunky rolls and folds.  So much so that he has a rash on his neck from it, which we haven't figured out how to completely fix.  His hair is still super spiky and standing up.  He has a very strong grip, if he gets a hold of anything it goes directly towards his mouth.  He sleeps through the night, but he always has.  He sleeps with us in the bed, not because he wont sleep on his own but because I like to have him near. 

I breastfeed and am a stay at home mom so he nurses on demand.  There is no set schedule, even though naturally there is a pattern.  His skin has gotten better then his first month when it was breaking out nonstop.  He has what looks like eczema, and the rash on the folds of his neck but not out of control.  As moms we worry about everything, and one of those is how often they go...  My son, very different from his older brother and sister only goes every 7-10 days.  Apparently if all else is well, it is "normal" because there is no normal.  ;)

Overall being a mom of three hasn't been much harder than it is with two.  Strange enough it has been an easy transition, but that's thanks to my daughter who has grown up so much in the last few months.  He stays awake allot longer and is a bit more demanding for attention.  He loves company and loves being held.  He has his older siblings, and his parents spoiling him with love nonstop.  He has very recently started holding onto a few teething toys.  We took him to the beach for the first time this month, it was so cute to see his hair blow in the wind.  He is changing by the day, right before my eyes, excited to see what the next month will be like.